Wandai FORMANIA EX as No. 1 Machine

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The universe uses a propulsion backpack to occupy about one-third of the packaging space. Apart from the environmentally unfriendly foam plastic, there is also flexible paper to wrap it.

As shown above, the panels on both sides can be opened to see the inner structure, and there is also an evil bulge.

Turning around, one can see that Wan Dai has also begun to move towards the lamp factory.
There is a 4 – pin connector in the middle of the backpack. You know it ( friendly reminder, be careful when fitting )

The main body came on stage, the platform had no improvement, even a color match was not willing to change, I don’t believe you are all the same 4S repair shop

Shoulder part can move up and down in a small range, but it really doesn’t make sense …

Face, what is up to thin face, have a red chin can poke the dead is king.

Half of the armor was opened to look at the internal structure, and the double posture of the chest adjusted the air vent. it always felt strange … ( the old drivers smiled wickedly )
The upper and lower shoulders and the front armor can be opened.

There is a close-up behind the core cabin. There is a good detail. There is a display of the core fighter.

From another angle, see the cabin of the core fighter.

It can be opened. The semi-disabled design of the core fighter is linked to the opening and closing of the lower half of the outer armor.

The back is really very simple … Pay attention to the middle backpack interface, and don’t think about doing miracles when installing the interface. If you press it, you will be speechless.
It is worth noting that in the lower battery box, 3 5th batteries can raise your light pollution by one level.
The left switch and the right key have three gears, namely, head lighting – multiple parts lighting in turn – full opening
It’s a few hundred times more expensive than shazzabi, which is probably why it’s here.

Fit ~

After the fit, the front looks more domineering in an instant, and GP01 without the cosmic push backpack is beaten up.

Side face value is always the best … Probably

Outside armor fully open maintenance mode, the attached two little people are ugly, not as good as shazabi’s maintenance machine, and the proportion … ha ha

There is a strange feeling that tropical fruit queen’s flowers are in full bloom.

At present, I only think this angle looks good.

Bowing down is about this angle.

Looking up at the bright moon?

The details of the jet pack are not bad.

This is probably the legendary ” what do you see”

The whole body color comparison … That what. Compared with Shazabi, it is an improvement but not much.

I am really looking forward to what the next new bust will order.

I almost forgot to take a picture on the back. There is still a clamping line for the nozzle. Ah

The increase in internal structure does meet the needs of visual players to some extent. I can’t say too much, more, more ~

Unfortunately, it is probably the body problem. From many angles, I think there is no Shazabi to be able to look at.

You see, this angle is like carrying two hammers …

In 2018, Wandai launched a new wave of challenges to the lamp factory. Well, light pollution

The lights in the core fighters’ cabins are very interesting, and the pilots are estimated to be blind.

Tut tut … This is a living shot of big and small eyes.

The evil bulge on the backpack lit up a faint purple light …

Well, that’s about it. Call it a day.

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