Union Pacific Big 4013 by Marklin (37990) steam locomotive box

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The big boy is a real fighter terminator locomotive steam locomotive, and template design to the Challenger locomotive, shared parts, a total of 25 sets of production. The world's only the shaft type steam locomotive 4-8-8-4. The train has two sets of wheels are respectively arranged before and after, each group of four axis eight wheels, and two wheel Thursday unpowered guide wheel or wheel. Two wheel independent piston and crank connecting rod, the articulated bogie and connected common firebox.

The locomotive is the history of the largest volume, the largest number of the highest power and steam locomotive wheel. 4-8-8-4, as the name suggests is according to the call, the steam locomotive wheel set the number of array technology, this type of steam locomotive is 4 front wheel two group 8 main drive wheel 4 wheel wheel arrangement. Articulated locomotive by the Challenger locomotive expansion evolved from 1941 to 1944, the total production of 25 units, all supplies to the Union Pacific Railroad, numbered 4000 to 4024.

Big boy has been in the train a lot fancier heart have a pivotal position. As for me, this is a dream of childhood.

My love for the steam engine was started, whether the various simulation games or books are a collection of some photos. Based on the big boy's unique feelings, previously assembled Revell 1:87 big their boy, their color.

After carefully study of the various brands of big boy, eBay decided to purchase this Marklin, AC power supply.

The following simple open the box. The model is received from the eBay secondary packaging, so it is not new.

After opening the carton packaging, packaging boxes and the interior is equipped with Marklin words.

Open the box, inside is the train body around the crash cotton, can be said to be very in place.

The model of ontology, it is love!

Put a number of details, it can be said that Marklin's work if it is made, I have to give 12 points.

Another face

The train is all made of metal, including every pipe and handrails are wire color making.

Similarly, the ladder handrail is made with wire, each angle and details are perfect show.

A car wheel.

The complex pipe and vertical ladder under the cab are very in place.

The front part, railings, searchlights, even stickers are impeccable.

The part of detail.

Another batch of finer details, including metal plate rivet words, very delicate texture.

The font size of nail size comparison.


Please come to the gray Marklin controller for many years.

Although it is a digital car, but did not have Marklin digital console, so it can only let it run a play.

Fortunately with the slide, this more than sufficient 19 sets of wheels.

static state


Finally, it is a round of a childhood dream, the opportunity is to go to the scene to look at the entity, will be more shocking.

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