Ultimate Sideguard, HASEGAWA 1/72 SU-35S

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Hasegawa 01574 and othersHasegawa 02134 belongs to the same mold. The difference is that the instruction manual is different from the water sticker. This is a mass production version. It likes the mass production version of sky camouflage very much and feels very suitable for the side guard family. The only difference between this model and 902 is that AMG’s resin tail spray, resin ejection seat and cockpit etching of dream model are additionally purchased. This 117S resin tail spray kit is really expensive, and it is going to cost a lot, but the result is really very explosive, and it takes several streets to spray the original melon skin tail.

Combination degree ★ ★ ★
Accessories★★★The painting style of the water sticker is earlier than that of the previous model, which was not found, and the proportion of some water stickers is too large, which is also a problem for many 1 / 72 aircraft models.

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