Ukrainian UGEARS Wooden Mechanical Transmission Jewelry Box

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In order to meet the occasion of the seventh lunar month, I still chose to make a jewelry box model, and then went all the way to find the agent and then to tianmeow store to collect the ticket and place the order.
The plate cut out of this material looks much smaller than what is up to
The box is still relatively simple, and the physical effect diagram is added as part of a window display panel.
Personally, I feel this logo is a little geek style.
Of course, it can also be understood that the style 2333 is chosen to facilitate laser etching on the plate again.
On the back of the package are several representative works, from left to right are:
Hand-cranked string fiddle (requires tuning), locomotive (with track to run), knob password safe (3-digit password), 2-minute countdown
The password box was originally under consideration, but as a jewelry box, the color value was a little lower.
The date of production is still relatively fresh.
Unless this is due, um … it should not …
The plate body is cut evenly and has good details.
From a distance, there is still a little cartoon rendering style (especially when looking at computer thumbnails, the finished product is even more so)
A total of 6 boards, plus a detailed manual in n languages (including Chinese)
The first page introduces these two artifacts
H2 is used to disassemble parts and can be replaced by other things (such as fingers, butFingers are not recommended.)
At first, H1 didn’t see what it was all about.
But in the assembly process, the position is called a high one.
First, I trained my hands. I took the ” chrysanthemum key” assembled in the last step of the manual and spelled it first.
It looks like a few simple pieces of wood, but in the process of assembling, it was found that there was tolerance fit when the goods were designed.
And this trend has intensified during the assembly process …Remind you that if you are challenged, you need to equip yourself with strong diamond fingers and mallets.
Finished key
The installation of the rear knob made me doubt the accuracy of this set of plates for a time.
Later, it was found that the six chrysanthemum petals were not at all crooked … too high precision is not necessarily a good thing.
Next is the transmission spindle, which is much simpler than the key
But it also shows that the design is ingenious, with three pieces assembled (in fact, there are two transmission gears at both ends)
Hao is not loose, and the position of the gear is easily solved by several bulges.
The internal frame of the box, here used previously unknown intention H1
At this time I thought it was something like the keel of a ship, but found it was completely loose.
The plate used for limiting the chrysanthemum part is fixed by several wedge nails.
How do I feel like a rabbit
A full plate of gears
The beginning of thumb nightmare.
Any part that can become a small unit in this way
Small boards will be cut out one by one so that they can be easily found and collected. It is also very convenient to pick up pieces.
The design of parts uses a large number of such wedge key designs.
Simple and compact, the only drawback is that it is basically inseparable, and there is no turning back when installed.
This is the shaft of a gear set.
The door opening mechanism for driving the door to be opened is lubricated with a lot of wax.
The gear drive on one side is assembled.
In addition, the driving wheel and a limiting swing gear are added
In fact, it looks difficult to distinguish. This part is designed to prevent foolishness.
Not in the right position or in the wrong direction
This is the effect of H1, although this assembly method of grinding obliquely into it is already very anti-human.
But if notH1 raised the middle structure by about 2 mm.
This part will definitely not fit
Then the instructions said H1 was useless, just fold it and take it out.
Do you see so many wedge grooves around the lid of the box
This is only a quarter of the total number of wedge grooves in this part.
The thumb has a dull ache.
The position is absolutely right. All tolerances are matched and the deformation is taken into account.
Rest for a while in the press, hand pain …
The front LOGO has been put on, and it is already a bit like this.
The transmission mechanism of the key has also been put in place and coated with a pile of wax to lubricate it.
Cut the board into organ structure and you can ” baiwan”
The assembly of the casing of the box body starts
The surface of the original plate is actually very unsmooth.
At one time, I was worried about the hand feeling of the finished product and even considered waxing each plate.
However, starting from this part, I feel a little relieved. It feels ok to touch.

With window frames and wedges
The back of the box is completed, and ” only two decorative gears” are installed inside.

The front side is also finished, and the hollowing-out effect of this gear is very good.
When opening and closing the box cover, all gears can be seen working.

This is used to hide the ugliness of the main shaft.
The official explanation is that this is still a cassette.

One of the few slots
I don’t know what it is to leak a lost round hole.

This is the bottom, and there are more than 1 mm wedge keys leaking out of the assembled side wall.
It becomes a natural wooden foot pad.
The box is complete!

The lid will start to be made below.
This is the latch mechanism of the box cover. There is also a small limit when it is opened and closed.

From the beginning, the lid of the box had many obvious anti-freeze designs
And these arrows are invisible to Tong Tong in the finished state.

Petal mechanism similar to aperture is used to fix the key on the top of the box without falling off.

The state in which a lock key does not fall off.

This part is harder
Six wooden nails with barbs are the kind that cannot be removed when broken.
Be careful with this outfit. If the petals are too tight to open, the key will be gone.

Finally, the assembly of the box body and the box cover, and four long connecting shaft keys
Only the ” four” detachable parts are also the chute fixing device of the box cover latch.


It seems that we can still use ” exquisite” to describe it.

Firstly, the mechanism for rotating the box cover replaces the petal opening mechanism.
Turn the key to open the latch of the box cover.

Remove if insert ” chrysanthemum slot”
Then open twist!

The lid of the box Ran Ran rises …

There is enough room for a watch.
And the so-called ” dark lattice”

Back display, nail pain

The top shows that the hand is broken.

There is a pile of spare parts left.

Simple subjective evaluation:
All-wood assembly, no glue, no nails
The quality of wood is good and the hardness is appropriate.
Not only the model, mechanical transmission gives more fun and practicability.
The design is simple and efficient, the precision is extremely high, the assembly is perfect, and the steps are reasonable.
The partition of the plate is very reasonable, the optimization degree of the assembly process is high, and the spare parts are sufficient.

Need to vigorously diamond finger (fortunately rented domestic up to …)
There is a slight smell of wood.
The edges of small parts such as wedge nails are easy to fracture and fall off.
The material determines that the rotating shaft is not particularly smooth.
A lot of wax needs to be applied to lubricate and ensure the effectiveness of the mechanism.
Durability to be tested

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