Tsume HQS portkas d. ace

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Manufacturer: Tsume
Proportion: 1 / 7
Series: HQS
Price: 5450 RMB
Sale Date: 2018
Dimensions: W=420mm L=390mm H=580mm

Transport box, with Ace’s name written on it

Packing box

One floor after opening

It is customary to have two envelopes and one is a certificate.

One is a picture.

Then HQS’s particularly crude three instructions were not comparable to Begita’s full color.

The nameplate of HQS is much simpler than that of HQS PLUS.

The sign of a white beard on the terrace.

Originally, it was said that the copyright owner did not agree with the white beard logo of the flame. Unexpectedly, the unexpected surprise of this shipment restored the white beard logo, making the sculpture of Ace more complete.

The White Beard Mark Behind Ace

The name on the arm


Both hands have turned into flames.

It was difficult to insert the left foot, which lasted for more than half an hour. . . .

A little bit of rubbing is really nothing to the statue. . . .

A small bag on one’s leg

Close-up of face

Due to the fireball behind, the hair also changed color gradually.

Overall platform

This time I bought a turntable specially for taking photos, which can easily change the angle. The last time I took a picture of Begita, I basically didn’t have any side photos, because I couldn’t move it. . . . .

After all the filming was finished, it was found that one board was missing. . . . Just take a picture casually.

Finally, the usual lighting effect, handsome fried ~ ~ ~

Thank you for watching ~ ~ ~ ~

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