To challenge Lego dominance – magnet pixel assembly toy PIXIO box demo!

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Brief introduction: A claiming to be closer to the future than the Lego pixel style magnetic building blocks PIXIO, the magnetic device into blocks toys, not only convenient splicing is simple, but also because of magnetic and can play in more places. Need to plug together Lego bricks than Pixio, easier to use, let you in the real world experience as built Minecraft in the game. ! The propaganda picture very aggressive, that Lego is in the past The product, Pixio is the current cutting-edge ideas.

The main PIXIO Is the color cube magnetic block 8*8*8 mm size. Box six sides have a strong magnetic, the biggest feature is the game player can easily make the magnetic blocks world to create pixel style (a bit like "super robot" Na nano Corps movie). The advantage of PIXIO is that each independent of the original form is the most basic cube, any side with another piece of the original link. Therefore, this can be an unlimited extension of the shape is more like a combination of pixels on a computer screen, but this combination is formed in three-dimensional space.

Neodymium magnets used in PIXIO (Neodymium magnet NdFeB, the original internal), in 50 years, the magnetic loss is less than 2%. At the same time, the shell is made of 16 different colors of ABS plastics, including: red, yellow, green, orange, green, turquoise, light blue, blue, purple, pink, brown, light brown, brown, gray, black and white.

Some of the red dot award.

Some official propaganda pictures, or look at it with a sense of.

Happy Chinese New Year!

The purchase process:
2018 in the summer with his son to go to Hongkong tourism, the square box is found in a toy shop in Harbour City, found that the pixel of the toy together can be composed of many games like "my world" inside the doll, it caused the attention of my son. While waiting for the time in the store to play for a long time, But only the store only 100 pieces of a box of the sale, I think the play is not high, the price is expensive to dispel the idea of buying.

Then stand up son Ruanmoyingpao promised to help him buy home. In site search, found that Kickstarter has PIXIO above the congregation. This project is 2017 years and 3 months began, has now passed the early bird, can not buy. So FatBrainToys to luck, the result really found selling.

Then quickly orders transport, November 8th orders, delivery in December 5th, December 10th reached the transit company, and after more than 20 days (Christmas transport company, finally in January 7, 2019 explosion). The price is expensive than raise twice as fast, Kickstarter 800 block 169 is a knife, the official sale of the 800 block 274 is a knife, but I see a lot of website to raise the public to buy the user after more than a year have not received the goods, it is a little insurance .

The official opening:

Full-face photo。

PIXIO Logo, do not know what is, like a snake, but also long 2 corners.

200 block and 800 block of the contest.

The color is the 16 color, buy more than 800 blocks have a box of Full color set.

On the back of the package.

On the back of the box is can spell out the model, this requires a lot of relatively large block can spell out is more than 800 pieces of special combination.

The 200 block is much simpler, and other details are a lot worse.

2018 red dot design award, feeling a lot of products won the award.

8 color 200 block box.

Each color in the 1 block, connected to the rainbow club.

Each color removed, 16 color, each color 50 pieces, a total of 800 pieces, all in here.

Is this love disorderly piled together feeling. A lot of artists is such a creation.

Other, starting from simple start small objects. PIXIO with a few pieces of a few began to build a 4 object can be composed of birds, ducks, multi block words spell something more like some, rooster, parrots, frogs… Can spell it out…

Some of the tools, and the golden key, pistol.

The magnet is used on a graph to fight, can also be a nice animal.

Red and grey seahorses, koalas, turtles and penguins.

There are rhinos, hippos, snails, the tortoise and the lion, goat, pig is pink.

Plants and flowers。

Can also be used to fight LOGO and flag.

Fight your own LOGO and name PIXIO.

I think it is more fun to fight some characters.

Amazon at an English gentleman.

Should be the priest, Rome fighters and Chinese Emperor (feel more like a minister.)

A small band, singer, blowing Sax, and one in the violin.

Japanese woman, Viking warrior, and one is playing the drums.

The 2 model is a beautiful color, poses are also unique, more good-looking.

Gradually complicated, fight longer. Brother and sister go to school, there is also a dog with them.

Captain Tsubasa。

A great mother, crawling with 2 baby, hands still holding a.

Wall-E and Eve love story.

Behind are larger combinations, each can only spell out the basic 800 block a. This is the love of rap singer rapper.

The girls eat ice cream.

The bearded lumberjack.

More blocks combined animal is more realistic.

Retro apple LOGO.

How can a little of my world!

Digital camera。

The staff together for nearly half an hour, the details is still in place, tie ah, desk keyboard and mouse ah what design is very comprehensive.

Red and yellow color of the Dragon Chinese.

In fact, you can also spell out a lot of things out, leaving behind his spell it slowly.

It reviews (represent personal views):
PIXIO playability is very high, the app in accordance with the drawings, the latter can according to their own imagination. Sometimes LEGO together do not want to remove this, basically a good fight without what can keep the. Not for a long time, no time to fight for drawing PIXIO is a good choice. Of course, if you have the money to buy thousands of tens of thousands of blocks, a big fight scene model is also very interesting. PIXIO may be Lego in the next face the most potential competitors, but there is still a long way. Lego's product line, and the programming of the robot and so on, these are your gap Great things in the future, but who said the quasi?
So in general, PIXIO In the creation of a pixel art, Whether it is for the need to create imaginative kids, still need to ease the pressure of friends, is a rare gift. The magnet with your brain hole, belonged to your world was born.

1, small, have swallowed and lost danger (I have been missing a few black, sucking in what place, it was not to be found.)

2, the price is not cheap. Although the wind and box build based pixel can have numerous creative, but to build a more perfect and even luxury models, the number of requirements is great, the price is more expensive.
3, easy to dirty, white has become black, not careful you will become old very quickly.
4, The strong enough components. PIXIO is the use of magnetic force, If the extension is too long, Because of the gravity and magnetic problems fall, deformation.

The last offer ID photos, thank you for watching!

Is this some more with feeling!

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