The old hunter Gecco Bloodborne blood curse 1/6 Hunter

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Preface: First, I and the blood curse story.
2015, online I am ignorant of pre expect very high blood curse. I remember it was a Saturday afternoon, I began to get my Yanan disc after the trip, I soon became one of the hospitality of the people of Yanan .

In 2018, I embarked on a trip to yanan. Before this I play through the soul of 3, so there is a certain soul based game. After a lapse of 3 years, I finally played the first father boss! When excited ah, my hands are shaking, then a get out of hand, the characters have already added dozens of weeks. When they brought the boring brush gems, or build a new number.
At the end of 2018, I stumbled on this hand, without demur scored, but until now out of the box, not because of lazy

Out of the box:
This is to buy Gecco 1/6 and the old hunter saw meat knife and gun weapon horn expansion pack

Look at the old hunter packaging

Unpacking process is omitted, direct look at the body, body with the old hunter weapon is the scimitar and piercing rifle

The old hunter looked up machetes

Look at the facial details

The clothes very texture details

Here is the watch?

The guard is very delicate

The old hunter scimitar close-up

Through a long rifle oh



The shoes are leather texture

Next, look at the arms expansion pack

On the back of the package is that deformation

The artifact saw meat knife


A close-up

Shabby clothes

Casual tie belt

The meat knife saw expansion

Saw the meat knife away

Summary: The very texture of hand, love people worth of blood

Advantage: Finally the original figures
The overall grasp of the details in place
Deformable weapons

Shortcomings: The character put on platform need to vigorously miracle
Handling weapons need to vigorously miracle
Thanks for watching

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