The Last Knight-Invariable Transformers Comicave1:22 Alloy Movable Optimus Prime

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Transformers, this is a little old, is slowly entering middle age, its essence lies in the deformation, have self-consciousness of alien deformable organisms
Then transformers toys, first of all, should also be deformable, and is also the primary consideration of my collection principles. As for statues like P1S and 3A, I’ll just wait for the poor to have a look.
Since the real-life movie 1 restarted the road of Transformers to into the pit in 2007, only TAKARATOMY’s assembled DMK Optimus Prime (stamp), half of the factors are due to assembly, because it is also up to players.
The toys after the real-life movie 3 felt that the government was slowly declining, and the toys of 4 and 5 felt horrible, so they gradually went out of the movie pit.
However, after reviewing these five movies recently, I feel that the pillar-like figure in the beginning of episode 4 is very handsome. I went out and turned left to look around the father’s house and saw the goods.
Due to the lack of contact with soldiers, all kinds of videos and posts have got a little understanding. It seems that the company’s capital problems and various legends of bankruptcy have LED to the price of the goods being basically halved from the original price. The goods are 40cm tall, 50% alloy, LED and movable joints. If they cannot be changed, they cannot be changed. The money has only become what they like. . . . . . But!

There is a slight problem with the appearance,,,
Look at the box first. It is relatively large. It is put on the piano. Before that, there was a transport box outside. It was thrown away directly.

Some parameters outside the box

Inside the box is black background color printing

With Hasbro’s authorization

The inner bag is of an unfolded design, and the edge cover is of an adsorption magnet design.
This manual is printed directly on the middle seam, which is environmentally friendly and paperless.

Take off the plastic containing sheet. On the left is the fitting and on the right is the body.

List of all accessories

Body+All Accessories

Sword, shield, mouth replacement, 2 pairs of sculpting hands (1 pair can be manually mounted on the body) sword shield back connector
Black head carving needs to be purchased separately.

First look at 2 pairs of sculptors
The only difference is that the middle part is hollow, which is convenient to hold the weapon and the solid fist.

Sword and shield, no movement
The blue part of the back of the shield is metal and the sword is all plastic. It feels a little shorter.

The body of the sword is well depicted in star script.

The hilt of the sword may have been made flat to match the shape of the hand, which is a pity.

Since the model was changed to 4, the blacked-out head carving appeared to be added later by the manufacturer.
The only difference between this head sculpture, which needs to be purchased separately, and the original is that the face painting and eye lamp colors are different.
The face replacement parts are attracted by magnets, so the tightness is better, and the mouth feels a little shorter.

After the switch and battery are removed, the same magnet adsorption parts are arranged on the back of the head.

Turn on the light is cute,

This big gun seems to be a third party and needs to be purchased separately.
The details and painting of the big gun are acceptable, slightly worn out and damaged to match the main body.

Compared with the big guns in the ” No Problem” series, the gunman DMK Optimus Prime

By the way, look at the size comparison, 1: 22 is super large, left LT02(KO MPM04)

Let’s look at the main body again.
Common head carving+mouth shape, shoulder armor, chest armor metal parts

The breastplate has a small range of activities.

Details of chest and abdomen, see here, see the problem

The boss of Temo Autobots has no sign at all! !
Careful friends may have seen, including the color of the arms and the color of the feet, that everything is wrong! However,

I still went through his microblog,,, I got it.
It is said that Hasbro has given us an early set-up map, which will be revised after the movie is released.
According to this figure, the manufacturer is indeed very restore, and what to say

Continue to look at the front group of armour, plastic material, thigh 2 wires better restore simulated decorated knight

The thigh connection is only 2 oversized spherical joints, which are slightly tight and feel rather unsmooth.

Side skirt armour, spherical joint connection, slightly loose, plastic material, same color matching error

Shoulder armor, flame pattern, old, slightly affected, large iron block material

The arms can only be carried here.

The shield connecting pile on the arm was also found in the movie, but the model was made long.


But he did a good job.

The spherical joint has a stretch range, which is convenient for modeling.
When retracted, the flame lines on the back of the hand can be basically aligned with the upper arm.

The lower part of the body, I think most of the energy in the design of this product goes to the lower part of the body.
Please ignore the blue vamp and change the color at the back.

Both sides of the calf are designed to be movable like explosive armour, but they are identical.

The front of the whole calf, both sides, and the front half of the foot are all made of metal, which is very touching.

On both sides of the gold piece in order to move, with soft glue

The star inscription on the front of the calf, the lettering on the whole piece of metal, poked at my details.

The back also has color leakage, but the overall shape is still very beautiful.

The only chimneys and oil drums that can see automobile elements in human form are electroplated parts.
The top is fumigated, and it feels very real to cooperate with electroplating.

The waist is rich in details.
The back of the forearm also leaks color.

Color leakage at the back of thigh
A moment’s painting of similar armor on the knee was in place.

Brother, shoot me

Hold another sword

Change the head, directly pull out the spherical joint, vigorously perform miracles.

After successful brainwashing

According to the movie settings, the hand should be in the chest position, so the sword was made slightly shorter.

Sword shield connection, remove the decoration in the middle of the shield to replace the sword slot.

Remove the protruding part in the middle of the back

Replacement part

Insert the shield directly, and the distance from the body is a little too large when viewed from the side.

The positive effect is good.

armed to the teeth

This is the end of unpacking. The following is the time to release yourself.
As a gundam painting party, it is absolutely impossible to look at color matching errors.

As for the chest sign, I originally wanted to use stickers, but the original design is similar to three-dimensional relief
I tried several small sizes such as 3D printing, but the precision was not enough. The universal idle fish received a 09L-class headstock part.

The final result is not bad

The shoulder of the two pieces of small armor fire, cut a piece of fire water stickers, refer to the P1S statue, stick one by one

To sum up, for the first time to play with this kind of movable statue, the overall feeling is still good. At the current brand-new price, and there are not many knight-shaped toys to choose from. Apart from the exotic works that children can remember and transform, compared with 3A and P1S, there are still some performance-price ratios. Moreover, with the shock brought by large volume, perhaps I play less like this.

Due to the fact that most of the metal parts of the whole body have a small detail, the metal parts often collide with each other in the process of playing pendulum modeling. This is perfectly suitable for the theme of Transformers. This is an experience that ordinary plastic toys cannot have. The result is that overweight leads to exhaustion. . .

As for the problems of color leakage, color matching and incorrect modeling, in fact, there are also upgrades and remakes for this Optimus Prime, such as post bar, idle fish, etc., which are upgraded to the final knight modeling of 5. However, considering that many metal pieces need to be replaced with resin, rubber plate and plastic, I am not happy, and I am still poor. . . . Fill up the color yourself, after all, the overall shape is taken from the change 4. Compared with the change 5, the difference is not too big, and the individual is controlled by the eldest brother, which is still acceptable. Therefore, if the budget is not large, this one can still be considered. Above

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