Tamiya Kawasaki ZX-12R

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I remember many years ago, in Hongkong at the time of a model shop window to see a motorcycle model, do feel so beautiful and realistic, so I fell in love with a motorcycle model, if not mistaken, then see the car. But from the beginning to seriously study the motorcycle model for so many years has not bought the car, but, until two years ago bought hasn't been moving.

This set of etching should is out of print, I bought the car and then etching. The color of the car I didn't use the specified color, with amber green carpenter domain and then sprayed transparent green, but when the camera did not make the actual color, yellow seems to be the common Nikang I tried all the white balance, as well as the custom can't restore the actual color, PS Do not know how to back up, but later more and more that this color is good, but the actual color is green. The production process is also very simple, etching is not much, basically is to get rid of the screws or cover.
A lot of metal color, I will try to press the real vehicle to the deployment of color




























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