Sideshow death Court-Reaper general

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There’s a death court logo on the side.

The box directly used that painting to make the cover, Super handsome!

Product diagram on the other side of the box

There are two floors after opening, and the first layer is the base.

Ontology in the top layer, SS without instructions, assembly directly look at the official website video …. Although there aren’t many things ….

The mask base with ex

The details on the base are full.

This is the mask …. It cost a lot more money ….

Extra detail on the base

Side skirt armor, leather texture is very good

The details are as full.

Details of the knee of the right foot

Left foot.

Behind the skirt armor

Behind the Ontology

Chest armor full of details, painted amazing!

Shoulder Armor

Left and right shoulder armor is not the same.

The weapon on your hand.

Skeletons at the tail end

The details behind the shoulder armor.

The other hands that are bound.

Handsome head.

Super love this feather shoulder armor.

The effect of wearing the ex mask

This time because the whole height is close to my studio, not very good to shoot the whole ….

A photograph of the last and ex accessories

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