SH-2G Super Seasprite 1/48 by Kitty Hawk

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SH-2G Super Seasprite Super Monster Shipborne Helicopter 1/48 by Kitty Hawk Hawk


It’s really not easy to find a real shot of this painting!

What is SH-2G Super Haiyao, I won’t go into details here! Everyone on their own Baidu!

On the second floor, I’d like to talk about the origin and process of making this kit.
LZ plane has done a lot before, but the helicopter is the first time to make, originally received a box of Changguchuan sea king long ago! But the real thing is really too big, and it has been left unused. There are many helicopters, but there are several reasons for preferring navy type. 1. The main rotor can be folded! Very handsome! 2, is also an important reason, the main rotor folded, really better placed!
Last year, China’s newest model brand, Xiaoying, introduced several helicopter models at one go, and LZ took this box into its pocket early on! Because painting is really too handsome! At that time, I was also entangled in the painting. The color would be more beautiful if the painting was highly visible. However, the dragon always made me unable to extricate myself. Finally, I chose the painting made this time.
Eagle’s main products are fighter kits, which have not been done before. I don’t know much about the quality of the model itself. I also took this opportunity to see how the domestic manufacturers’ mold opening level has been in recent years.

With the development of production progress, the problems of the kit itself slowly emerge.
The overall combination degree is ok, which cannot be said well, but it can still pass. In details, although the model itself is not large, it is 48% after all! No matter what you want or what you don’t have, the details are fine.
What needs to be spit out is the combination degree of the whole chicken head transparent piece. If it is not ok, why open the front door? It is because it is very embarrassing to close it. If you are making it, please be sure to have more fake groups.
As an airplane model, the neat degree of stitching is also very important. In this respect, the eagle can only do so – so, and some parts are deep and shallow, so it needs to be finished by itself!
Finally, although the official drawing has the style of rotor folding, there are no manufacturing steps in the manual, but there are no difficulties in self – renovation! Look at XiaGuan figure will know!
To sum up, the kit can only be said to be in good order. It belongs to a series that domestic brands are accustomed to looking at. In the actual production process, there will be some unsatisfactory aspects.

The kit has given 4 types of painting. For a poet like LZ, the latter two types of painting PASS directly. The former two types have been tangled up. Finally, the dragon is more domineering, and the high-visibility painting of sealing painting is abandoned!
Water stick here, must spit.
In this day and age, it is really wrong to fool people with such rotten water stickers. If I don’t add water to the kit, I will give 75 points, and if I add water stickers, I can only get 59 points.
I really haven’t used such rotten water paste for a long time, thick! Don’t eat softener! The most important thing is that the condom is not allowed! You can see that there are some text stickers that are very vague and not sharp! The hollowed-out parts are basically dislocated!
The whole machine was barely pasted with a blowing machine, and the experience was very poor! If you don’t have a good production technology for plasters, look for a foreign factory.

Finished laying out the plate! To sum up
This model, after all, is a relatively small product in the fighter model or helicopter model, if you like naval aircraft! In addition to the sea king of Hasegawa, you have a new choice, and the painting is still so coquettish! However, you should be prepared to deal with the problems in the production. Therefore, it is not recommended for novice producers! However, after you overcome these difficulties, the results will still satisfy you, which is also the fun of model making!

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