” Purple Star” opens the box by hand

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The overall package is still exquisite, after all, there are many tickets!
Open the package and reveal yourself. Thank goodness, there is no damage!

This is also the first time I have encountered any accessories, even the base is an integrated hand-run.

Because it is a completely integrated hand office, I can’t show you the details of the dismemberment shoot.

Broccoli’s manual work has always been rather poor. Of course, they are very good at unionizing in some areas, as will be described later..
First, look at the head and hair. This hair is not too rough and rough. Apart from a small scratch on the whip, no other defects are found.
However, the thick pipe at the back is not so good. There is a big flaw on it that cannot be described by using paint or rubbing paint. It is obviously the scar caused by the factory aunt who did not know where to knock before packing.

The following are Mimi, PP and legs. This is the best place I mentioned earlier. I guess broccoli knows the hearts of men best., know where men love to pay attention to

Next, let’s look at the defective part.

Although all the flaws are minor and do not affect the disassembly and assembly, after all, there are many (mainly expensive) flaws that still make people uncomfortable.

Scratches at the socket! I don’t know which assembly lady did it!

How rough the seams are!

The cross on the clothes, severe burrs and paint are out of bounds!

Knee pads also have serious coating out of bounds!

The above is only a partial list of flaws, and there are a lot of them. I am too lazy to release them to affect my mood!
The last is the time for the set-up

Finally, let’s talk about personal feelings:
If you want to talk about the work, you can only say that you are very sorry. At the full price of this purple heart around 1100, this work is really not worth this price.
However, after all, this purple heart can produce as much as it is ordered, so the basic income is also true love. Just saying whether the work is worth it is just a reference for everyone!
Many will not say, after all, unexpected things, interested nature will pay attention to her Luo ~ ~
On request, put a picture of Neptune’s family.

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