PLAYARTS Final Fantasy Claude & the wolf Fenrir Motorcycle Model Play Set

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Out of the box
This box is just listed PLAYARTS Claude & the wolf Fenrir motorcycle suit
Express a good one, with a total length of about 66cm, about 40cm.

Double packing, the internal foam angle is equal to the inner box suspended in the outside box, played a very good protection effect..

This is inside the box body, through the transparent part can be seen directly inside.

The interior is plastic packaging complete, all the parts are divided into several layers of parcels.

First look at the doll appearance, is the general level of surface modified with PA, CG was just a game character, so it is impossible to say whether it was like, non mainstream hairstyle but this head has obvious characteristics is reduced.

Clothing is the cloth hanging leg reduction, "" (I don't know how to describe good half an apron?) Embedded in the wire can pose.

The level of the joint is very general, and there are obvious differences between the color of the upper arm, lower arm, the direction can not adjust it yourself.

There are layers of the knife back, can restore the game and animation back a lot of knife modelling.

Double leg joint, law-abiding.

I mentioned Claude's weapons commonly known in China for six, the official name: Lille finland. The knife blade consists of a main body, the surgeon (2 3, 4 tooth blade and sword), and two pairs of knives (5, 6).

But the model does not support multi cutter combination, but directly gives a complete combination of the other

Can be the person behind the knife into the knife.

The effect is the basic human Swiss Army knife"

Fen Lille wolf motorcycle
I think the real key must suit the wolf's mouth is Motorola. Fen Lille motorcycle overall style is the wolf painting sci-fi style Steampunk style. The motor length of about 46cm, which is close to half a meter long, placed in the home of absolute momentum.

Wide thick rubber tire, but here's some sense of painting color spill.

A motorcycle can use tripod up can also direct the wheel A cart to play. The rear wheel with telescopic shock absorber.

People with Motorola proportion as follows:

Motor start
The motor itself can not be like that built-in animation development mechanism, so as to increase the fight arsenal of plug-ins to achieve bilateral effect through the model.

To make complaints about is that its mechanism here is very tight, the first button to open I'm really afraid of breaking the. But also attached instructions are simple line drawings, also cannot read, only their own way.

Remove the shell part with scabbard spell plug-in form Arsenal expansion effect.

Then enter the pose link, due to the recent move, so the home decoration, lighting, background, equipment all packed up. This can only be taken after work done in the office.

Is a set of die with a sense of play, there are memories, have moved.


  • Finally, the overall shape of the original
  • Apron lined with iron wire, convenient pendulum dynamic modeling
  • Large volume and momentum
  • The coating can be more delicate, cart, suspension
  • Fight through plug-ins to achieve the effect of motor launch weapons
  • Complete other weapons, multiple sets of hands and small accessories can be reduced a lot of games and animation in the scene


  • The humanoid joint is rough, and color
  • Weapons cannot complete the actual assembly
  • Motorola inconspicuous part of the coating is not fine, there is color spill
  • Specification for simple line drawings, very difficult
  • Its mechanism is quite tight, for the first time to play very carefully to prevent damage.

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