” One Step Ahead of Technology” LEGO 42081 Unpacking Experience

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This year, Le Hi – Tech series continues to cooperate with Volvo to launch construction machinery products. However, unlike in the past, this joint launch is a concept of unmanned electric forklift that has not really been mass produced in reality. The official name is Volvo Concept Wheel Loader Zeux. The model is very novel, because it is an unmanned electric forklift, there is no cab for traditional construction machinery vehicles, and there is no traditional engine. Let’s experience it slowly.
↓ Let’s put a screenshot of Volvo’s official website first.
↓ On the front of the packaging box, 42081 should be regarded as the second flagship of Le Hi – Tech this year. Of course, 42083 Bugatti Chiron is regarded as a super flagship, which is very similar to the 2016 technology series 42056.
↓ The back of the package is printed with B – mode pictures, which is an unmanned electric loading and unloading vehicle.
↓ All parts inside, total particle number 1167
↓ The package is completely unpacked.
↓ According to the appearance of the assembly manual about 50 steps, the chassis at the front of the car
↓ Step 100 Progress, Begin to Assemble Rear Underframe
↓ 150 steps progress, the transmission shaft and one of the telescopic arms are assembled
Please change the angle
↓ Continue assembling to about 200 steps, and assemble the second telescopic arm of the forklift.
↓ Change the angle to see the transmission gear of the transmission telescopic arm.
↓ Next, the power supply system at the rear is assembled and completed.
↓ On the other side, the operating instrument panel is full of stickers, not printed matter.
Please change the angle again
↓ Then assemble the protective cover.
↓ The protective cover can be opened
Left 45
Left right behind
↓ Open state of protective cover
↓ Assemble a total of almost 400 steps, and finally put on tires to complete
↓ Completion
↓ Right Rear 45
Left right behind
Left side
Let’s look at some details, big shovel
↓ Rear of shovel
↓ Lighting
” ↓Volvo logo, of course, is still a sticker, not a printed matter.”
↓ Telescopic Arm at Bottom
↓ Mainly control the lifting of the shovel
↓ Telescopic arm near the shovel
↓ Mainly control the angle of the shovel
↓ The control knob is located on both sides of the middle of the vehicle. It is controlled by manual rotation. It is not equipped with a motor. Unfortunately, the lowest knob can control the lifting of the rear of the vehicle.
Just like this
↓ The wheel steering knob is at the top of the middle, which can realize four-wheel steering.
↓ Close – up of front wheel, hub is very windy.
↓ Close – up of Rear Wheel
↓ Four – wheel steering can reduce the turning radius, which is especially important in construction sites.
↓ At the bottom of the vehicle, you can see the third telescopic arm, that is, the telescopic arm that controls the height of the tail.
↓ The upper part of the power system is also equipped with a fan to dissipate heat.
↓ Close – up of the rear part. The rotary button can be used to adjust the front and rear of the battery power part so as to adjust the center of gravity of the vehicle when it is loaded, so as not to be heavy in front and light in back.
↓ Rear probe for real-time monitoring of vehicle surroundings
Please change the angle
↓ Close – up of Probe
↓ Another bright spot is that the vehicle is equipped with small unmanned aircraft, which can transmit images in real time to help the vehicle control itself.
Turn around
↓LEGO 42081 Volvo Concept Wheel Loader ZEUX
This year’s sub-flagship has not many particles and its mechanical structure is very similar to that of 42030 in the previous two years. However, in terms of modeling, it is the coolest in the technology series in recent years, and it also has more expectations for future construction machinery. This is a good start. Let’s continue to think about it. Finally, it ends with a hand-drawn manuscript in the manual.
Thank you all!

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