Nanoblock Nona9on NBM-016

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” the charm of nanoblock® lies in its small size.
The size is
The biggest feature, from palm-sized animals to huge ships and castles, can be reproduced in blocks.
Due to the small size of individual components, delicate expressions cannot be accomplished by traditional blocks, while
Expressions like dot pictures are also possible.
In addition to assembling animals and buildings while watching the instructions, you can also
Free to assemble one’s own work and
Enjoy all kinds of beginners and senior personnel.
” Make fun of, decorate, play, party, play”.
This is a brand-new hobby. Adults can forget to forget and immerse themselves. “

Hotan building blocks mainly focus on small building blocks. Compared with lego’s large size and price,
Nanoblock still has advantages, although most building blocks have poor imaging sense.
But I still have some good building blocks, such as this dinosaur.
The particles of the overall shape are all black, and the details of the general appearance are simulated.
Compared with the purchase price of 250, there is no reason to refuse to enter a box to enjoy.

The unpacking is very simple and the quality is very simple.
And an assembly instruction.

If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools.
Prepare the props to be selected.
Because the viscosity of small building blocks assembled is not as tight as lego’s,
I decided to stick it directly with glue and then seal the box.

I found the lid of a box at random, and there were just plain little squares.
Sort out the parts.

Pack up and start.

Soon the dinosaur’s back was spelled out.
( In fact, it took quite a long time, because I used glue for every movie. )

More detailed spine and head.

The whole process of assembly is completed for about 5 hours.
Most of the time was spent on glue.
There are more parts left.

Done, the dust box is in.

After collection, place it at any corner, which is very OK for viewing.

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