Lego IDEAS series 21307 Carter Hamm 7 620R

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Speaking of hardcore sports car, Adou Ki, Montana, Carter, such as Turner;s name appears in my mind, and I love the most is of course Carter at 7! After all, write this post title theme is Carter's 7. But to be honest, not too subjective love this kind of car, I'm not too cold for the pure sports car, after all my pursuit of the car also stop at the electric tailgate, head up display, electric seat adjustment this car disdain for something hardcore.

The reason to buy this car, the main point is the model of Lego is said to be discontinued, and prices may rise, given the length was beautiful, but not their own, so buy back (that also play with really affordable car like).

Nonsense not say, direct talk! As for the BB just so many hardcore sports car, your interest or look for videos and articles! I introduced more clearly than.

Because of logistics in China is very domineering, hand after more than 40 spiky box has not called the box, so it is not on the box, this part is not much, put all the bags full split blend!

To finish 4 jacks

The rear part of the vehicle body and chassis

The rear fender looked very fragile, fight after the strength is also good.

The middle part of the inner structure

A pedal, gear and a pile of unknown, there was a head of the small parts replaced by Lego.

Have to admire the designers at Lego brain hole, four cylinder engine of the trachea (do not know what is called) was reduced with pistol parts.

Mini four cylinder engine complete

Sign engine is above the printed matter, by the way, the car did not have the whole car stickers, painting places are printed.

In the engine, the car body side signs Carter ham, is still printed.

The exhaust pipe is the main body part and the rear of a front buckle, not a hard link, which is on the parts stuck.

Part of the chassis is roughly completed

Shiny car headlights

The following is the complete graph!

The engine cover can be opened, there are two dots as the positioning between the parts with relatively compact, not loose.

The engine and a pipeline, this is not to say that the reduction degree is high, but it is quite good to.

Four jacks can be put in the "trunk", but a little bit to put in disintegration.

Put the car up, remove the wheel brake can see details.

For me this is not love stickers people, printing is good!

The front part of the iconic "7"

The cab, you can see the details is very simple, but the others have.

The mirror and intermediate on both sides of the rearview mirror is rough, so there is time before the rest of the read have transparent parts according to, the effect may be a bit better.

The parking Department of nothing to say, racing stripes and signs.

Most of the love vehicle part also belongs to the exhaust pipe, I love this from the side vent setting, feeling very violent.

All accessories show

And before the DB5 fight together, said Carter had no sense of shape, but if the play, with DB5 really immeasurably.

Symbolic comment about it!
To tell the truth, for Lego, I do not know how to evaluate, after all, there is no combination of the problem, and the reduction degree and details… As a building products, personal feel sometimes high reduction degree but not what good thing, want to get a high reduction degree can go to buy the house a large proportion of the Vince Tian Beckham, Lego… On the line, like the pistol engine, installed to complete the overall feel good, then he put before what! For building ontology, this set I feel the biggest advantage is that no body stickers, all of the signs, stripe and texture parts are printed out, think of the number of New Star Wars Set terrible sticker… Have to say Lego is really more chicken thief. Say shortcomings…… rubber tires don;t know, anyway, a long time aging deformation should not escape, but it was later said, now the car is really a good set!

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