Lego beast flagship 42055 bucket wheel excavator

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Nearly twenty years did not spell over the flagship Lego TECHNIC (the last time was in 2000 when the SILVER CHAMPION), which is no time too lazy, but since last year has continued to buy some small set square, Aberdeen, what the boat in the bottle.
This holiday, Lego withdrawal seizures, decided to buy a big set, election to election between CHIRON and the Bugatti excavator, then huangama that "boy, to make me feel the fun of mining" suddenly occupy the mind, decisive orders the excavator behemoth, close to 4000pcs, Lego is one of the few meat king. With nearly two days, spell pain, very satisfied…

The mechanical beast in reality prototype is probably close to the German Krupp production

The first product to the assembly process

Brother and brother

I said, and a car, is the eldest brother, which shows how the bucket wheel excavator

The bucket wheel is really quite domineering

Feeding conveyor belt

Golden Wheel-in-law

Bucket wheel with two rotating rod

The circular platform

The discharge of the conveyor belt can rotate freely

From the perspective of a little fire truck feeling

Discharging conveyor

There is a gray translucent cockpit (not send villain)

In the box, above a searchlight

This point is also very domineering

Console control, forward and back, the bucket wheel excavator and so on, connecting the motor

See a bunch of gear from below


Let me close

Discharge mode

Discharging conveyor


With a

The following is the process of assembling


The number of packets by the component scare (white box full)



This thickness…

No. 1, car

No. 2, circular platform

3 bag, track

No. four package box

No. 5 package, discharging conveyor

No. 6 package, bucket wheel

7 package, console

No. 8 package, decoration and external structure

Some assembly process

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