Lego 80102 80101 the dinner on New Year Eve lamp box Dragon

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Dragon 80102 and 80101 for the dinner on New Year Eve is Lego China market with Chinese Spring Festival to create two products
The splicing products is relatively simple, not to mention the evaluation, it is simple to think out of the box, I hope the friends into a reference

The first part of the 80102 dragon stick out of the box
According to the official

Out of the box

5 tiling package is relatively small

The first 1 bags, the main transmission part

Found the technology series shadow, transmission gear

Basically a stacking process

No. 2 bags, mainly to complete the main drive

No. 3 bags, the dragon body and minifigures

The working man Zi

The second part: LEGO 80101 the dinner on New Year's Eve lamp
Set is relatively simple, there are places out of the box, I won't repeat it, directly to give you a lamp set makeup
There is an old saying: no light Lego without a soul. As to whether this is, or you see

A dust-proof box acrylic directly placed on the outside, not in the cabinet

Thank you to watch, to wish you all a happy new year, happy, prosperous Forum

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