Lego 71043 Hogwarts School of Wizardry

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Almost every child has fantasized about owning a castle of his own, and the castle in fairy tales is often associated with magic. Here is the ” magic castle” that many people yearn for most:

       Harry PotterI believe it is one of the childhood memories of many present here. I only saw the first one, one of the two discs bought by my second aunt, and the other one is the story of the pig. I have long forgotten it. However, in that Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, I was deeply impressed by the fantastic magic and the endless variety of magic world scenes. Among them, all kinds of wonderful rooms and institutions at Hogwarts are definitely one of the most eye-catching elements.

It was not until an accidental day many years later that I saw Lego produce a new model, which turned out to beHogwarts school! As a Lego – controlled castle controller, of course I felt very itchy, but I did not immediately start. Until her sister’s birthday was approaching, she knew about Lego’s birthday and strongly requested to give it to her as a birthday gift. The reason was very good and she decided to take the initiative.

I didn’t expect that after so many years, Harry Potter is still a topic that primary school students are fond of talking about. My sister is a Harry Potter control. We can see from some books and toys in her collection:

What surprised me even more was that Harry Potter had become a reading list for the sixth grade of primary school. The current education department is also too trendy.

However, when I received the hand, I was still a little worried. Looking at the big package, I couldn’t help thinking: Is it really appropriate for a sixth grade girl to spell thousands of Lego pieces for the first time … I am ready in my heart, and I really can’t take over.

   Unpacking the package:

Let’s take a look at the package first ( the box is a bit broken, let’s take a look at it. After all, the printing of the box is quite exquisite. To tell the truth, the design feels more thoughtful than other styles and is worth seeing ):

       PositiveThe angle of this picture is well chosen, which fully shows the grandeur of Hogwarts castle and perfectly reproduces the scene of the leading characters arriving at the school for the first time by boat:

       Left, is three thumbnails, respectively, spiders in the forbidden forest, whomping willow, hogwarts castle:

       Right, mainly shows the four puppets, respectively, is the founder of hogwarts four colleges, everyone has distinct characteristics, this is very conscience:

       Back, is the other side of the castle, is also the main internal structure of the display surface, you can see, the content scene is rich:

       Top, mainly introduces the actual size of the castle, 69.5cm long, 58.6cm high, and a row of seemingly immobile little people:

       Bottom, there is nothing to see:

       OpenIt was found that it was a pile of bare parts bags and a boxed parts bag. I did not understand the meaning of separate packaging:

       Parts packageAddInstructionsStacked together, basically filled with a 80cmX70cm table:

       InstructionsThere are four, beautifully printed and of varying thickness:

       StickerThere are four in total. In fact, there are not many models of this size:

Open the instruction bookFirst page, suddenly appeared the cover picture, with ” Welcome to Hogwarts” on the top and Dumbledore’s words at the bottomAt Hogwarts, help seekers get help.” ( I turned it hard according to English, hoping the meaning reached the standard )

       Second pages, focusing on the scene changes of Lego Hogwarts and Hogwarts in the movie, the restoration degree in the picture is still very high, which makes people look forward to it. The third page is a detailed introduction of the founders of the four colleges: godric Gryffindor, Hrga Hufflepuff, Salazar Slytherin and Reuner Ravenclaw.

       Pages 4 and 5, about the Lego team members who designed this Hogwarts ( elder sister, your modeling is magic, just like the witch in the movie, haha )



Here’s how to spell it out. All things are difficult before they begin. Start with the first manual and the first package of parts.

The first package did not contain many parts. Lego is not bad. Let’s go step by step.

Although it is a beginner, the spelling is still very good. You can spell it yourself by simply guiding the assembly rhythm and precautions:

I didn’t expect the first package to have stickers. Fortunately, the girl was careful and skillful. The stickers were much better than mine.

Of course, I still have to check next to it at the early stage, check if there is any misspelling and press the parts that have not been compacted. After all, Lego has the best combination, but it is inevitable that there will be times when great efforts will be made to perform miracles:

The results of the first day are not bad:


With the experience of the first package, it is natural to put the following together. For example, if the foundation below is firmly laid, the above can develop steadily:

Results display:

Learning very fast, already can spell more complex internal structure:


The main foundation of the castle consists of the following large pieces:

With the help of large pieces, this part of the foundation was built very well, and the first one was successfully completed:


Start spellingSecond book~

Opening the first page, I found that some parts of the castle are colored and the rest are gray. In fact, the place marked with color is the place where this book is to be put together:

When the foundation is laid, the construction of the house will begin naturally:

I recognize that this seems to be the place to eat when the first school starts:

Although the parts are simple, the restored table and chair image is still vivid:

From this side, you can already see what a castle looks like:

Inside the auditorium, coloured glaze and stained glass make the whole solemn and lively:


Mainly carried out the capping of the auditorium:

This exterior wall is really beautiful:


Further top decoration and expansion to another building:

From the front, just like a complete body:

Looking from the side, there is a sense of a completed church:


Complete a tower-shaped building:

From top to bottom, the internal details can be seen in a glance:

I still have an impression of this revolving staircase and gallery:

Compared with the tower, the auditorium just now seems to have turned into a tiny one:

This tower foundation is the whole building.Highest pointThe:

Feature 1:

Feature 2:



Lego has divided the whole building complex into two parts. The first part has been completed. From now on, the other part will be completed:

Still starts from the foundation:

Basement capping:

Another building:

As in the first part, it is still up against the mountain:


Set up a long bridge in the middle:

Top of left building:

New buildings begin on the right:


On the right side of the building cap:

       At this point, the second part is completely completed!

   Overall and detailed display:

   Part I:


Angle one:

Angle 2:

Angle 3:

Angle 4:

Feature 1:

Feature 2:

Eagle – headed horse with winged beast –Buckbeak:


       Auditorium, you can see the flags of the four colleges flying in the air:

Chamber entrance:

Chamber of Secrets:

Movable stairs, yes360 degree rotationThe stairs, perfect restore childhood impression:

The prefect bedroom washing room:


   Part II:


Angle one:

Angle 2:

Angle 3:

Feature 1:

Feature 2:

Feature 3:

Feature 4:


The Devil’s Net is actually a plant to protect the Sorcerer’s Stone:

This is a room full of keys. The keys have wings. Fly up through the broomstick beside them to find the right key:

Professor McGonagall’sGiant chessboard, also to protect the philosopher’s stone, season 1Ron WeasleyHighlight moment of:

Eris Mirror, HiddenMagic stoneWhere:

Defense against the dark arts classroom:

Umbridge’s office, he is the deputy minister of magic, nicknamed toad:

Magic Medicine Classroom, Season 1Professor SnapeHere it isHarry PotterOn the first lesson:

Medal showroom, where Harry Potter saw his father’s trophy in the first season:

Gryffindor lounge:


Whomping willow, there’s another one on boardThe Weasleys’ Flying Car:

This is forbidden forestAragog, a giant spider:

Founders of the Four Major Colleges –Godric Gryffindor, Hrga Hufflepuff, salazar Slytherin and Reuner Ravenclaw:


The two parts are connected through this connection:

This triangular mosaic structure is specially designed at the junction to facilitate players to find their positions. Lego is really thoughtful.

       Finally, the two parts fit together!

Overall view:

       Overall frontFigure:

Dress upgadgetAfter that:

In the first episode, students arrive at Hogwarts for the first time by boat:

Angle one:

Angle 2:


Panorama of back internal structure:

Feature 1:

Feature 2:

Feature 3:


As a flagship of this year’s competition, Hogwarts College fully meets its positioning and Lego fans’ expectations –MajesticThe shape of the,ExquisiteThe internal structure of the,cleverThe authorities and the important scenes in the movieReduction. More importantly, it fully satisfies a young Harry Potter fan’s yearning for the magic school and imagination of the magic world. It can be said that this is a Lego product that has great attraction to different people.


Overall appearancePowerful and majestic, looks very haveMomentum,Town houseSpecial use;

Internal structureexquisite,PlayabilityRich;

       Degree of reductionGao, give movie fans and book fans endless imagination;

There are many parts but no confusion.Zero basisCan also be used ( under certain guidance ).


There are some exposed places in the hill part, which can be appropriately decorated.

Some structures are a little bitsway, handling very carefully;

tooBigHowever, in order to place it, at least one square meter of room space is actually occupied, and a series of high-priced house prices are calculated for fun.

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