Lego 42082 TECHNIE Series 18 Flagship Complex Terrain Crane

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Product introduction:
Lego has many series. For an old man who is obsessed with machinery, the rest goes directly into the catalogue of technology series without looking at it.

1. More than 4050 tablets
2. The dimensions are 100cm high, 66cm long and 26cm wide.
3. Including power components
4.360 degree rotatable
5. Four – wheel drive system, V8 engine
6. Two spellings ( crane, pile driver ) Pile driver drawings need to be downloaded to the official website
Let’s get straight to the point. Do not spray the dregs of the whole mobile phone shooting quality.
This should be the actual proportion after the assembly. It’s embarrassing where I put it after the assembly. . .
Didn’t you look at the size of the package before you bought it? ?The key is still very important.How small is a bottle of water beside it
Sing: Sword and Sword …
Don’t look at the box. The big box is half empty.
My hands are small and touch everything big.
Two manuals, one sticker, do not include the drawings of the second pile driver.
All accessory drawings are covered with floors.
Part I: Chassis + Various Differential
This is not the air defense vehicle for Battlefield 3 …
No suspension is directly combined with the differential.
One of them
Then spell the second
get through
The second part: hydraulic prop + engine + rotating platform

toe out

Transmission shaft

The hydraulic arm, of course, is still telescopic through gear control.

Ash machine …

Since the four wheels cannot be rotated by the motor, this is used to manually adjust the wheel direction.

Start assembling engine, upper piston

Is this crane still equipped with oil filter?

The engine piston and fan will move together with the rotation of the wheel.

I admire you, this is definitely a precision work.

Complete with chassis

Come on, come on, one person a spray

Rotating platform

We are almost halfway there.

The third part: crane main body, switch, motor and some exterior parts

Switch for controlling supporting feet

The door can be opened with toolboxes on both sides.

Lamps, Windows of Heart

Hydraulic pressure for controlling crane arm angle ( internal structure is still gear )


On the right is the gear box responsible for the whole crane operation.

Complete integration

Switch assembly for controlling crane action

Six AAA batteries … then turn on TB to search Panasonic’s wife …

The two red ones are used to fix the battery compartment.

I can’t believe it! ! ! All of this comes to mind, designer. You can do it

Hanging rope assembly

Because the motor is in the crane part, the power is output from top to bottom and all is transmitted by this light yellow gear.

Completion 70%

The overwhelming ambition has begun to show itself.

Part IV: Crane Arm, Appearance Parts, Stickers

Main body and telescopic assembly

It’s about this long … it’s over 80cm in full length.

The transmission gear is responsible for telescopic boom

Grandma came to help me thread and tie a knot. …

The details are really good, steering wheel, instrument, operating lever, seat, sliding door of lamps and lanterns and fire extinguisher … God forbid.

At this point, the completion rate is basically 99%, and the final step is to stick stickers, install and debug fixtures.

~ ~ the last is a few fixed makeup finish ~ ~


For a newcomer like me, LEGO gives me a very good experience in terms of materials, details and creativity. If this model is made from a prototype, it will be even better. If there is an opportunity ( money ), I am still deeply understanding the products and significance of this company.


Is it worth buying:

A total of 4,057 pieces, 2 – in – 1 gameplay, power features, and flagship series. compared with the price of 1,600, it is definitely enough to kill meat. anyway, I can’t afford the out-of-print 8043. …

Why can’t you match a little person?
No remote control!No remote control!No remote control!

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