LEGO 21313 Bottle Boat Leviathan

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The bottle boat is the first Ideas series new product released by Lego in 2018. It has 962 parts, including 280 marine particles. After assembling, the bottle is 10cm (height) 31cm (length) 10cm (thickness) and the hull is 8cm (height) 14cm (length) 5cm (width).
This is my first Lego, into the pit, a leaving gift from my colleague’s sister, which surprises me.

Since this is my first contact, please add more pictures. I think I will definitely buy more Legos in the future, and deepen my understanding of Legos in the process of playing (chopping hands)

Finished product drawing (overall):

Finished product drawing (partial close-up), bow:


Cannons on the left and right

Before the bottle is closed

The bottle will be closed soon.

What it looks like when it’s in a bottle.

Although the ship has been reduced a lot, the pattern on the flag is quite exquisite.

Bottle cap

Base, compass

Two globes on the base

Base panorama

Leviathan nameplate

Unpacking and process

Color box

Parts bag

A thick manual.

The assembly began, starting from the hull, very small, and was completed in a short time.

The boat is coming out. It’s very delicate.

The bottom of the bottle is all transparent

Bottle entry+irrigation

Bottle fit

Base, compass plate is very delicate

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