Lego 21042 Statue of Liberty Statue of Liberty

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I can’t find toys to pass the time.
# because of poverty, the expensive can’t afford it, and the cheap is too boring t.t.

Lego is a fast food educational toy suitable for adults.
Although not all of them are expensive, er ~
Every time I move, I don’t know how to pack. It’s a long story.

After wandering back to Hong Kong, I saw that this box is regular in shape and small in volume.
The 21042 Statue of Liberty of HK.
After 60 seconds of serious thinking, I chose the toys to pass the time during the Mid – Autumn Festival holiday.

Play lego to find the sorting tray of parts, get it ready and sort out a space.
The unpacking wells were orderly and all night long.
Not many parts, about 1000pcs+

The instruction manual is divided into 5 parts for assembly.
The sculpture base of the lower department is piled up from bottom to top and up.
The four sides are basically the same, and it is easier to find parts after four cycles.
The fifth part is the final sculpture decorated building blocks.
Compared with many abnormal parts and repeated irregular splicing,
Parts are very hard to find, step by step.

The competition started at 2 a.m. and it was 6 a.m. at last.
The singing of birds at dawn is just right for fixing makeup.
The overall decoration effect is very good.

Simple repeating elements, indescribably obsessive-compulsive disorder like

#I’m not single I’m solo ,blablabla

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