Lego 10262 JAMES BOND Aston Martin Evaluation

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The following is the graphic part
Numbers are floating clouds.
Stickers need to spit
Metallic silver color parts
flat silver
It adds a lot of color to the completion of the whole car.
Some minor details in the instruction manual
Dynamic diagram of assembly process
Ejection seat!
Radar with sticker restoration
The assembly process takes about four hours.
There is not much repetitive work.
It should be noted that the rear window should be pressed down to the bottom.
Otherwise, the opening of the ejection seat top cover will be affected.
DB5 is one of the most representative props in Bond series.
Speculation for next year’s BOND 25 movie as a leading peripheral
(Daniel Craig returns! )
SET has excellent playability.
Insufficient restoration of body lines
Price speculation is slightly higher than other creator series due to IP

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