LEGO 10261 Experience

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In 2018, new products of Lego series were constantly highlighted. This CREATOR series super roller coaster was especially expected when it was released in the first half of the year. Not only did it have more than 4,000 pieces of particles, but also the functions of various parts of the roller coaster were completely designed. It can be said that 10261 is a set that Lego will accept this year! Let’s go further and experience it slowly.
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↓ 4,124 pieces of particles are marked on the front of the packaging box.
↓ Details of various scenes are printed on the back of the packing box.
↓ There is also a detailed picture of the man at the bottom of the box.
↓ The type and quantity of particles in the box are printed on the top.
↓ Remove the particles from the packing box, and there are also two separate boxes for packing.
↓ All parts packages, instructions and stickers
↓ The track and floor are not numbered, and the structures will be used one after another.
↓ Stickers, in fact, still like printed matter.
↓ The instruction manual for construction is divided into the upper and lower volumes and consists of two large volumes.
↓ start assembling, this is part package no 1.
↓ Remove all parts from the package
↓ After the assembly is completed, the foundation of half the size will be assembled together with the green bottom plate. Considering that the finished product is really huge.
↓ Close-up of Details, Rest Bench and Map of Amusement Park
↓ Cotton Candy Booth, Praise for Details
It should be grandpa who bought cotton candy for his granddaughter.
There is also a hat that fell off the roller coaster, haha
A small pond and a small frog
↓ Part Package No.2
↓ Take out this part of all particles
↓ This part continues to improve the roller coaster bracket.
↓ Take iPhone X as a reference and feel the size.
↓ Part Package No.3 and the track needed tofit this part of the assembly.
All particles in this part
↓ After the assembly is completed, we can see that the second-floor support has been assembled and the track has begun to be built.
↓ Track Details
Left the support is very strong
↓ Prompt sign, I guess it is to remind the over-hill production to rotate at a high speed next.
↓ Small Particles Supporting Track
↓ Cotton Candy Booth, Track Passed From Above
↓ Part Package 4
The small white particles on the scaffold are especially like popcorn.
All particles in this part
↓ This part assembles the second and third layer supports.
↓ Close-up of Bracket
↓ Each layer has fixed particles, which are firmly assembled.
↓ Particle 5 and Orbital Part
All particles in this part
” COASTER was assembled first, very lifelike and clever.”
↓ Part 5 Assembled
” do not stand up”
↓ The roller coaster is driven by the linkage of small wheels and particles, which can be said to be very well simulated.
Features of ↓COASTER
↓ Close-up of Top of Roller Coaster
↓ Part Package 6, from which the other half of the roller coaster will be built.
↓ No.6 parts package all particles
↓ The other half of the chassis is completed
↓ Close-up of fountains on the ground and completion of road paving
↓ No.7 Parts Package
↓ All Particles in Part Package 7
↓ This part sets up the first floor of the roller coaster bracket.
↓ Gear of lowest transmission chain
↓ Close-up of Guardrail
↓ Fountain Closeup
This should be a flower bed
Flowers on both sides of the path
↓ No.8 Parts Package and Required Track
All particles in this part
Please understand the fresh juice
All 100, or US dollars
↓ Features of Ticket Office
The other side of the ticket office is the photo printing shop.
↓ Part 8 is completed, mainly laying the ground floor tracks and shops.
↓ The track bypasses the ticket office.
The fruit juice store also placed a garbage can nearby, which was well received.
↓ The shop is facing the photo printing shop.
There is also a height indicator inside
↓ No.9 Parts Package
All particles in this part
↓ This is the place where hand drive is used.
↓ Part 9 Assembles Platform and Mechanical Transmission
↓ Close-up of the platform, next to the administrator there is a height measuring stick, no cheating
↓ Platform details, fences, stairs and stair handrails
Left gate open
↓ Part Package No.10 and Required Track
↓ All particles in this part
This half of the project has been basically completed and successfully capped.
The small flag at the highest point
↓ Part Package 11 is also the last part
↓ All particles, mainly perfect details
↓ The combination is successful and the mission is complete.
Let’s look at the details of each part below. This is the roller coaster ride down station.
↓ Cotton candy trolley
(ix) Juice Commissary
The ticket office
↓ The roller coaster swoops down and there is a camera here to capture the moment.
↓ The highest traction chain
↓ Overlooking the inner platform of roller coaster
↓ Chain of Transmission
↓ A chain made up of 203 small particles
↓ happy roller coaster, raise your hands
↓ You can also see all kinds of tips when queuing at the platform. Although it is a sticker, the details are excellent.
↓ chain pulling is rising, in fact is hand, ha ha
Cheer heartily
↓ There is also a group of roller coaster switching tracks beside the platform. There are six carriages, which can be divided into two groups.
Full load
↓ In the manual control part, there is a small wheel at the front to slow down the incoming roller coaster and stop in the platform. The second handle can swing counterclockwise to make the roller coaster leave the platform. The third handle can swing clockwise to drive the uphill chain and make the roller coaster rise to the highest point.
Please put another close-up of COASTER logo.
↓ The last official drawing referring to the cover of the packing box


This huge CREATOR series roller coaster has brought us a lot of surprises. Whether it is the scene restoration or the detail simulation, it is very similar to the roller coaster in the real world. At the same time, it can be changed into electric motor drive with 8883 and 88000. In a word, the playability is very high, which makes people fondle admiringly. I watched the roller coaster move back and forth on the track over and over again, as if I were in it myself. The only thing that needs attention is that there is no room for it in the cupboard. …

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