John Evaluation of Black 13 Park’s 5th Anniversary Night Elf Combat Team

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     The plan to create this deer character dates back to 2014. JOHN mentioned in his online conversation with playmates that many designs and ideas could not be realized due to the lack of technology and production experience during the creation of the first generation deer head. The finished product also has the problem that the style is not unified with other black laboratory roles, which is a pity for the collectors of black laboratory works. I hope that one day when the BLACK 13 PARK brand and technology are mature and stable, I will play a new deer role. At that time, this simple sentence became an expectation of many players. In recent years, the creation of new deer characters has been put on hold because of the need to complete many new designs and new cooperation plans. Today in 2018, in order to live up to the expectations of the players, JOHN finally turned this simple sentence into reality.

John chose deer because he thought it was the important 5th anniversary of BLACK 13 PARK and should be represented by a classic black lab role. B13 was first recognized by players, and it was the role of deer. This is also B13′ s first work officially created and sold. Seeing this role, I can always remember my enthusiasm and hardships for doll creation and remind myself of Do not forget your initiative mind all the time. If the first generation deer is the departure of B13′ s journey, then this 5th anniversary deer is a milestone to witness the growth of B13 brand, and is also another interpretation of B13′ s creative spirit of pursuing perfection.

Black 13 Park’s first deer head
John, the manager of Black 13 Park, said that this is a product looking forward to the future at the beginning of the return.

    Starting from the first B13, I have never given up all the way and accompanied this brand to grow together.( including price )Bearing capacity … ),RealI feel that John is indeed a person who respects products and is also a person who does what he says.



Black 13 Park 5th Anniversary – Night Elf Combat Team – —John Assessment


This post is mainly about personal experience of playing.Some details, sometimes players may take it for granted, but the author’s painstaking efforts in the production process, the average person will not know.Welcome penguins514257Discuss with me.
This product is another milestone in Black 13 Park’s growth process.From this product, many places are hidden John’s well-intentioned design, the following separate parts to explain.
This time the packaging returned to the traditional dark laboratory style, and the cardboard suitcase continued to have cartoon style sketches.
Oil painting and gilded LOGO are sealed and painted. The back cover is made up of artistic materials. The two sides are made up of laboratory – style artistic materials.
When unpacking the box, there was a familiar dark lab smell.
Paper products:
This paper product was specially packaged in a custom-made envelope. The sealed sticker is a bit obsessive-compulsive and needs to be torn carefully.
The content is a double-sided printingLost skeleton story background card, a numbered greeting card, an anatomical map and a deformed A3 poster.
This time, the anatomical map was specially treated with glue by a special process, with a unique flavor.
What needs to be said is that this poster is really beautiful.It’s a beautiful doll background mounted, tooIt makes that crease really heartache.
Bottles that lose bones still need to be labeled by themselves.There is a small detail here. John has made the label into a border. The role of the border is to make it easier for players to find the right place to put the label on. After the border is pasted, the label will be torn off just in the middle of the bottle ( the label is pasted vertically, not upside down ).
There are not many accessories in this work compared with the previous products, but John has really done his best to bring every accessory into full play, without any extra accessories.
Old players allYes, B13 has always had more accessories, many of which can only be displayed, but when playing with them, there is no way to start. However, John found the perfect balance between playing and collecting this time. Therefore, when playing with each other on the 5th anniversary, the players felt that the products were much more mature than before and were not so difficult.
List of all accessories this time
First, let’s talk about the hidden head of the 5th anniversary, which everyone loves and hates.
This head carving is a classic return, following the first generation of deer head and the first generation of 30 – body Coney Island Playground’s big mouth smiling face.
Many players like this grotesque head sculpture very much. Together with the animal head, it can be said to be an iconic accessory of the early B13.
However, this head sculpture was sold as a hidden accessory this time, so many players who did not buy Fujita’s royal residence suit lost their chins when they saw it.
Leaving aside all kinds of love, hate, love and enmity, here we only look at the product workmanship, this time the big mouth should be the best one so far.
This fully illustrates that B13 technology has gradually matured over the past five years.
Most of the materials used are PVC instead of resin, so there is no need to worry about falling off the ground and falling off a piece.
Movable eyes have changed from the big blue glue solution of fox time – the wolf’s chicken ribs and movable crystal eyes – to the perfect movable crystal eyes, which is as convenient to adjust as the East Asian Heavy Industry, which is worth thousands of dollars.
Spraying has been used in many places in painting, making the transition more natural and the skin texture better.
The spraying process of lips should be as thin as the atomization of the sparrow’s mouth.
Eyelashes continue to be painted by hand, with a thick and fine feel.
The dental penetration line is also very accurate. John has made great efforts in quality control this time.
In addition, the parting line should be kept to a minimum when opening the mold. It is very difficult to polish the parting line by head carving, which is also an indication of whether the designer is careful in making the mold.
If you look at the chest image of this hidden head, it is slightly unsatisfactory by comparison. A little too dependent on spraying, shadow is more casual, lack of some rough feeling and layering of hand painting. However, after all, it is only a base, so it is not too demanding.
Both the hidden head and the common head are dissected faces, and the details are still awesome. John, as an anatomical enthusiast, has been instilling violence aesthetics into us in different ways. I’m going to call the police.
Let’s talk about this unique smoke special effect.
The special effect piece originally felt like a chicken rib, but it was quite suitable to match with the chest image.
Because the plug on the back of the carved head needs to be removed before it can be inserted, so I don’t want to put it there to match the bust.
I feel that John’s Japanese department has had more contact with this accessory and wants to do it on a whim ()
A list of several head carvings.
The two head carvings that come standard this time are also exquisite.
They are called melancholy head and grimace head respectively.
Melancholy head can be said to be one of the surprises of this set of products. I didn’t feel anything special about this head when I booked it. when I got it to play, I found it was very photogenic and artistic. it was easy to show the unique temperament of B13. The painting level is the same as that of the hidden head, and the details are quite good. When replacing the antlers of the two plugs on the head, blow them hot first, then press them down and take them out from the inside with tweezers.
Then there is the grimace head, which can be said to be one of the highlights of this model. With a skull with its nose and eye socket cut off and a grinning grin, the B13 series of grotesque images are vividly displayed. It should be mentioned that the hairstyles of the three head carvings are different.
I would also like to say that this skeleton gas mask has a very interesting shape. Looking at it carefully, it is a skeleton head biting the filter box. It feels like death without rigidity and the embodiment of the sense of doom.
Deer skulls are played more this time, with two different antlers, which can be worn as masks or placed in jars to be displayed as lost bones. I have to say John’s “Evil intentions” ah, this is not to let obsessive-compulsive disorder collectors buy more sets of meaning.
The skull was painted with a lot of shadows when it was used. I feel that if I painted it by hand, it would be more sensitive.
In addition, this jar with missing bones was not careless either. The lid looked carefully at the paint with some fluorescent texture, and the top words were stained and washed.
The deer head carving this time can be said to be a few grades of the first generation. First of all, the degree of carving is much better, and the texture of hair is very delicate. If the mold is not opened properly, many particles may overflow or adhere to the hair. B13 has always been relatively strict in controlling this aspect, and this time it is the perfect presentation of this process. Secondly, the deer’s eyes for the 5th anniversary use the crystal eyes of wolves and sparrows, which have different eyes under different light, increasing the deer’s mystery.
At the place where the deer heads are connected, John did not spend less time. The connector has been improved, making it easier to assemble without scratching the deer’s neck.
There are also words such as B13 2018 5th anniversary on the connector, which makes the commemorative significance more prominent.
Incidentally, due to the improvement of the body and connector, the head carving is very convenient to replace, and it won’t be too lazy to change the head as before.
Then I will focus on the weapon part. This weapon looks simple and actually contains John’s painstaking efforts. From the design, it can be seen that it is a combination of old steam design and modern science fiction mechanical design.
From wolves to frogs, B13′ s mechanical design has been improving, and the details tend to be more reasonable. Only individuals prefer the old steampunk mechanical design. However, John did not blindly please the market when designing, and I still respect him on this principle.
The steam meter turbine of this mechanical backpack inherits the movable structure of sparrow and cat, and can rotate. However, it is not recommended to play with it excessively to avoid paint peeling. The turbine is slightly old.
The mechanical part of the backpack is painted with more shadows to make it old and greasy.
The two magic buttons on the knapsack are specially fixed by an arc-shaped part, which increases the range of movement and solves the defect of easy damage of wolf knapsack.
The spear can be perfectly combined by magnetic attraction and backpack, because magnets are used in both places, so the magnetic force is very strong.
The short and long gun barrels are also combined by magnetic attraction, which is quite convenient to play with.
Transparent parts are added to the hollow part of the barrel, which improves the sense of science and technology and prevents the damage of parts on both sides.The ball at the end can rotate, which is also the design feature of B13. Its streamlined steam design makes it difficult to find similar things in other 12 – inch dolls.The details on the gun barrel are worth studying carefully to collect and control welfare.
In addition, there is a small detail, the end of the rubber tube can be stuck in the place where the backpack inserts the spear. I don’t know whether it was intentional or unintentional.
Finally, in terms of clothes. This time the clothes were made very close to the skin, but this does not mean poor mobility. On the contrary, this one is the one with the best playful mobility among all laboratory dolls.
The suit uses the fox’s real buttons, which have the advantages of being very nice and also sticking to the suit. Disadvantages are that it is not easy to fasten after unfastening, and only one sewing thread will take off if you are not careful. If you have skills, you can sew with military green sewing thread. Remember to leave some empty space for fastening.
Another is the half bellyband that many people spit out. This is actually the same as buttons, and it is also a matter of choice. If it is made into a whole shirt, it will no doubt be much more normal after undressing, but it means that the suit will look bloated and more difficult to take care of. John chose the latter between the two. Then John didn’t treat this bellyband carelessly, adding metal buckles on both sides to make the replacement more convenient and the appearance more elegant.
Trousers did not show much performance, but the point at the buckle was not satisfactory. To be sure, John carefully designed and hid the button’s stitches into the belt, but the strength of the stitches still needs to be improved. If you have a skill, please sew it again.
The pattern of the coat is well done, and the fur collar is also very comfortable, inheriting the texture of the wolf’s cloak. Offset printing logo is a little small, it is a small problem.
Unconsciously wrote a lot of, the mood is still more excited. This fifth anniversary work can be said to be John’s perfect answer to the brand’s five-year development, which is probably why he named this doll John. Although not a perfect score, 98 is as stable as a dog. B13 has experienced many ups and downs in the past five years, but it is gratifying that more players are willing to settle down and pay attention to the works instead of all kinds of gossip. Over the past five years, how many people have gone into and out of the pits, but there are still some old faces that never leave, which is really rare.
I hope as John hoped, there will still be you in the next five years.
Here are some miscellaneous pictures to play with:

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