iron man 2 Iron Man Mark IV 1:6 Proportional Alloy Limits the Blue of War

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This product is difficult to photograph. Black piano baking varnish is too easy to be stained with fingerprints. It is not suitable for rough children like me to play with.

In other words, compared with ordinary alloy man, this product is very similar to plastic man. only when you feel the weight in your hand can you realize the existence of alloy.

I’m not lucky. My left hand won a little bit, but it’s a little bit loose. Fortunately, it doesn’t matter much.

The front and back sides can be opened with another back baffle, which is the same as MK6. after opening, there is no internal color separation pit.

After talking for a long time, I didn’t say the key point. The key point of this product is the coloring of fluorescent paint. When it is illuminated by UV violet light, it will shine. At that time, it was the poison in the official propaganda video.

This kind of special effect feels very difficult to shoot without much experience, and it is not as good as the scene.

Let’s take one from another angle.

The following is a variety of POSS time

Take a blind shot at all angles.

Although the platform is crude, it still has fluorescent effect.

Have a family photo

Finally, sign and box

The box also has a fluorescent effect. . . .

The summary of this product is very creative, but the slacking of many details makes people have to doubt HT’s sincerity. It is not bad to put the original price into a collection. If it’s not really necessary, thank you for watching it.

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