iron man 2 Iron Man Mark II 1:6 Alloy Die Casting Special Edition

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At that time, I was always worried about the transportation problem and was afraid of trouble. I didn’t expect the queen to study it silently from scratch and finally bought it smoothly. I was so moved ( cowhide was as bad as expected )

I can’t wait to open the box. Please ignore the messy desktop.

Handset blind pay attention to take a look at

When I get home, I can take a good shot. First, I start with the platform. Shorty’s 2 legs are shorter than other Iron Man’s. Fortunately, the platform is thick enough to be used as height-increasing shoes.

The lighting effect of floor lamp is good.

The overall effect is not bad.

I’m a lamp controller. I feel uncomfortable when I don’t try the lamp.

The so-called special edition is that many transparent villains are a little disgusting.

Shorty 2 pure color painting without war damage has a good effect. Unfortunately, quality control is not good. Many people won a large number of prizes. This one is fine. After careful reading, it is acceptable to have 2 small prizes.

The main reason why it is so difficult to shoot silver is my lack of lighting skills. . .

Look handsome on the other side

The detachable inner structure of breastplate is not bad.

Deployment Effect of Back Deflector

Lower leg openable

There are also details inside

The lower leg root can also be opened

Without LUO’s head carving, his price will not be too high.

Shorty 2 has a lot of hand replacements, including missiles.

There is a debugger.

Have special effects

Silver texture is still very attractive

Hello, comrades, continuous shooting

The rest is not much trouble so as not to drop the paint.

Finally, I’d like to take a photo of my work.

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