Galaxy Guard 2 Deluxe Edition 1:6 proportional Collection Edition puppet

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I don’t want to talk too much, but since the head carving is the annual top quality product, I’d like to take a look at the picture directly. The facial expression is very well restored.

Two controllers on the head can be replaced. Unfortunately, only one head carving can whistle again

Floor and controller

The details are not bad. There are internal purchases.

The deluxe edition has three more pieces, one of which is the flight outer armor.

Second: a weapon for civet cats. . .

The third is a cage to close Golut’s cage.

This weapon is a little mini for blue dad.

When the accessories are finished, the upper body

The front and back are better than each other. Leather is very powerful.

On the last wave of detail figure texture bar

Head carving praise can’t help but press a few more

Change the controller and get some

Press a bit too much

Last full-body photo

The last wave of POSS pictures. I forgot to take this box. Let’s call it a day. Thank you for watching it.

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