Feel the Voice of Maibakh – Deutsche Bahn’s Heavy Diesel Locomotive V300 001

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The following is the KM1 model
It can be seen that the box this time is much smaller than the last DR01.5 because the diesel locomotive does not have a water tanker, but the weight of the all-copper truck is still about 15 kg. Different from last time, this V300 is made by South Korea. Accessories are similar in content to instructions, gloves, cigarette oil,And Krauss-Maffei’s metal LOGO.

After unpacking and testing various functions, the process of aging began. The final effect was released directly without taking photos. Referring to some photos and foreign railway model aging cases, details of diesel locomotives are not as simple as those of steam locomotives.

Put it on the small display table that was made before, and there are also 1 / 32 of Monique and bulldog in it. When the ordered flatbed truck arrives, it will form a small scene to prevent ash from falling in it at present.

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