” European Wind” Hasegawa 1 / 72 Typhoon JG7450th

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Hello, everyone, I’m here again. This time I still brought a limited gray machine from Hasegawa. The 50th anniversary painting of the 02097, JG74 squadron eurofighter typhoon was completed in September. I only had time to shoot recently. I didn’t have any feeling about the typhoon fighter, but I still saw it in Hong Kong. At that time, I bought the PS Hong Kong model when I felt it was really nice to paint and it was really cheap.The long typhoon is also the new gold of the past few years. The quality of the kit is very high. The eggs given are very sufficient and it is very comfortable to make. However, the water is pasted with pits. This pit is killing me.The direction of production, because the commemorative painting is relatively new, so there is not much to do with the old, is a fast food ~
Combination degree ★ ★ ★ Perfect
PartsThere are large gaps in the components of the air inlet.
DetailsDetails are more general.
AccessoriesMount a lot, but the details are very poor, water stickers, huge rotten, rotten to the core
Seal painting, very nice ~ ~ but was fooled by it
This angle is like a squid
The film is finished ~


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The process ~ not much, the front is done directly, there is nothing need to pay attention to modify the part, but! Here comes the point!
This pit is better than a water stick! The perfect blue gradient turned purple! I also met it in another Ukrainian MIG29 in Hasegawa. I felt it was caused by magenta overflow during printing.
It has become impossible to use all the red water stickers. It’s very difficult. I went to scalemates website and Google abroad to search this one and found that everyone has the same problem. Rogue leaders and hooligan leaders

But fortunately, the color of the middle part is not that bad.
Therefore, we had to spray the gradual change first. The gradual change effect of water-based paint spraying is very poor, and the particles are very large. The effect is normal only after many times of debugging.
Paste the water on this piece, cut it off and paste it separately.

The effect is still acceptable ~ ~

After pasting the water paste ~
Above the process ~

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