DAMTOYS[78044]-FBI agent SWAT, San Diego, USA

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FBI Special Weapons And Tactics (FBI Special Weapons and Tactics, abbreviated as FBI SWAT) is a special police force of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation. It is responsible for hostage rescue, VIP protection, hazardous substance handling operations, anti-hijacking, support for arrest operations and high-risk raids, searches and arrests. Special weapons and tactical units can give priority to cross-state crimes under the authority of the lower Vietnamese police department, and can also cooperate with special weapons and tactical units from all over the country. In addition, a total of nine enhanced versions of special weapons and tactical forces (English: enhanced FBI special weapons and tactical) will also support hostage rescue teams and carry out special operations overseas.

This is AB double color, because I think FBI Green is more classic and chose A.

Bright spotTroy13 inch long wood guard M4 and side sight

M870 tactical shotgun

Because it is a common stock, there is no sense of discord in the exchange.


Two points, Sentry helmet and four eyes

This FBI badge is very sharp, with a 62MM lens cover size comparison behind it.

This time the head carving really can’t see the prototype. It’s a handsome little elder brother.

T-shirts are still offset printed back and forth.


With four eyes and two guns, and the classic FBI green, the combination is as excellent as ever., especially the helmet belt is elastic material, which is more convenient to take up and is highly recommended.

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