DAMTOYS[78041]-Military Security Contractor in Syria

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Private Military Service Company (English: private military company, abbreviated as PMC) is a private company specialized in providing security forces. Since it has been commercialized, that is, a so-called legal person, private military service companies are no longer completely in line with the provisions of the past concept of mercenaries in international law. Although they may include belligerents, mercenaries, non-combatants and so on, private military companies are not only soldiers, and the company has a large number of general employees. Even if some of the services they provide are similar to those of mercenaries, they cannot be lumped together. This is because they are more likely to take part in the rear security of non-battlefield front lines. Apart from maintaining law and order in controlled occupied areas instead of soldiers and training new recruits on their behalf, in some countries with high crime rates, many private military companies and others are employed by rich families or communities to perform patrol and security functions more similar to those of the police or to install anti-corruption facilities.

The theme of PMC is relatively open, and the basic reason is how to show off. This model has a lot of shadows of old snakes in MGS, coupled with the classic tiger spot camouflage, it has entered decisively.

Tiger Spot Camouflage on Back

This time there was an extra wooden target.

Two sheets of target paper

The main weapon, Magwitch’s revised AK

Playing drums is a good thing.

The style of the charge clothes is also good, and the materials are soft enough.

The shoes this time are rubber shoes, Solomon.3D ULTRA 2, but the details are good.

This time, the head carving prototype is a familiar teacher Huang Hong.

The T-shirt was well received before and after printing.

The two tiger spots form a shadow.

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