DAMTOYS[78033]-7th Armored Division of British Army in Afghanistan

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The British Army is the ground combat unit of the British army. it was formed when Scotland and England merged into the kingdom of great Britain in 1707. By 2006, the British army had 79,550 active troops, 24,690 territorial troops and 121,800 army reserve troops except territorial troops. The British army is often deployed in every corner of the world to participate in the fighting of multinational coalition forces or to participate in UN peacekeeping operations.
The British army, unlike the British royal navy and the British royal air force, does not have the title of ” royal” because during the British civil war, the British army always sided with the British parliament in a series of struggles between the British monarch and the British parliament, and according to the provisions of the ” bill of rights” passed by the British parliament in 1689, ” the king shall not maintain a standing army in peacetime without the consent of the parliament”, the British army is not legally under the jurisdiction of the royal family.

As a commonwealth country, new Zealand has a lot of British shadow politically and militarily, and this sculpture has a little maori feeling, so at that time it was still very much expected.

Open the box

Accessories are still very rich.

LOWA, one of the highlights

LA85A2 with AG36 Pomegranate Hair

The printing details were well received.

Head carving

And the previous BeiyeThe Royal Marines are filming together. The British army has always been a hot topic, but among all the Union forces on earth,It is still very distinctive.

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