At the end of an Chengming KOTOBUKIYA flower son

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Hello, happy new year.
Today I give you a simple share a old love:
At the end of an Chengming KOTOBUKIYA flower son
Formerly: thou Naru (an Chengming sub)
Release date: 2012/6
Price: 6800 yen
Proportion: 1/8
Company: Shou Wu
Role: Chengming sub
Material: PVC, ABS
Production specifications: PVC coating of finished products, so to construct the fierce hit,
Prototyping: Koto –
Those products and the Internet have: About 210mm high /
No flowers
But the knowledge of flowers
When the flowers
The tears have thousands of lines

The gang mother screenwriter original TV animation "we still do not know the day and see the flower's name" (abbreviation: no name) is a description of a sad childhood sweetheart growth story, childhood accident is the area code, an Chengming sub area code and then indirectly caused by childhood sweetheart, in high school age before the ghost appears too in the childhood sweetheart protagonist Su Hairen, no third words correctly in the animation to achieve code and wishes not face as the center, I hope you will continue to be good friends grow up, you again in the secret base of childhood collection, the Android Chengming sub hand restore again set a secret base in the animation when unloaded normally the Spice Girls image double ponytail, wearing the face code wearing white dress young love very similar clothes.
Slightly raised the hem of dress for the side of the overflow smile, lovely expression.


Use the right hand holding a secret base in Panda mug. (mug removable) with the surface KOTOBUKIYA code compared to the ANN Chengming sub depict more emphasis on "feminine" dress lines, from the lower abdomen to healthy leg is also worthy of attention.

To details:
We should all know the work and the details are not always KOTOBUKIYA strengths, think of a gay friend CHH said: now go above 1000 is fine, 1000 is only following king products. I rub, even now, KOTOBUKIYA also your quick play, the proportion of 1/7, KOTOBUKIYA now also started to 890…



KOTOBUKIYA dishes in addition to high reduction, there is the conscience of the base, and the surface of the KOTOBUKIYA code base is the same, are from the end of the animation in the ED song debut "flower" image of translucent pink flowers.

Finally, KOTOBUKIYA face code into chaos.

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