Asmus Toys 1/6 Devil May Cry devil may cry 4 DANTE

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” Devil May Cry” (English: Devil May Cry, Japanese: Devil May Cry) is an action game released by CAPCOM, featuring gorgeous combat performance, and is excellent in scene, atmosphere and system. Dante, the original character of this series of games, won the title of ” Mister 2001 (Mr. 2001)” from GamesRadar.

Starting from devil may cry 4’s new role, Nero, has gradually emerged. Judging from the Ghost Cry 5 just released at this E3, Nero will continue to maintain a higher role. But Dante, the most famous character in the Devil’s Tears series, will continue to appear as an uninhibited uncle.

Today, we are unpacking the Asmus Toys 1/6 Dante figurine based on the game set in devil may cry 4.

Out of the box
It can be seen that the packaging cover of Asmus Toys 1/6 Dante figurine is devil may cry 4’s Dante figure.
The producer Asmus Toys, which is also a Taiwanese company, has made many dolls of the Lord of the Rings series before.
Official authorization, can use the official Logo and name
There is only one layer of packaging and everything is clear at a glance.
A simple manual can’t be simpler, but this manual does point out several important playable points and contents needing attention of this product.
Simply unpack the case and look at the weapons I have attached. The most striking thing is, of course, this blade of rebellion with huge size. The main body of the blade is painted with plastic and metal, but there are also metal parts, which will be described later.
The rebellious body of the sword is heavy, and its hilt has the shape of a skeleton. There are two skulls on each side, one is considered to represent the human skull (without horns) and the other is the devil’s skull (with horns). On both sides of the skull are a pair of bones and below are ribs. Because its owner betrayed his race to help mankind, rebellion got its name.

It is a melee weapon Dante has been using. It gives Dante incomparably powerful attack power. He awakens together with the awakening power of his master. The bones around the originally closed skeleton are opened, the skeleton’s mouth is also opened, and the end of the hilt is opened like a crown.

This is a magic sword with great strength. It has made Dante, son of Sparta, the name of devil hunter. Countless demons trembled under this sword. This sword is Dante’s most precious weapon, and only Dante can exert all the strength of this sword.

Rebellion is the embodiment of Dante’s strength. The thick body of the sword is more suitable for close combat than Yan Mo Dao. This sword can even fly out to attack the enemy at Dante’s will and will return immediately when Dante recalls it.

The details of the hilt are very well done, faithfully restoring the human skull (without horns) on one side and the devil’s skull (with horns) on the other. Moreover, the crimes of the two skulls are both open, and the palace-like part under the hilt is also open, indicating that this is Dante’s state of awakening.

In particular, the open crown-like part at the bottom of the hilt is metal and extremely sharp, so be careful when playing with it. This crown part can be pulled out from the hilt when changing hands, and inserted after the shape is set. This design is more humanized.
Ebony and Ivory
Dante’s black and white double guns are also very distinctive features of this character.
Sandalwood and white Ivory are Dante’s most commonly used weapons, and series 5 shows, black is Ebony and white is ivory. The person who engraved the words on the gun was the first maker of the black and white double gun: Nell Gordeau, who said the woman was the first maker, because Dante was the last person who actually finished the two guns. Before Nell died, she paid Dante the butt of the two guns.

The sides of the black and white twin guns (the right side of ebony and the left side of white ivory) are engraved with the signature of ” 『Ebony & Ivory』” and the unique design of a piano key to further hint. The two guns were decorated with two portraits similar to those of Victorian women. There is some saying that the two women may be Dante’s mother EVA and Nell Gordeau Stan. In addition, the hair color of the two women represents two guns, for example, the black hair is ebony and the blond hair is white ivory.

All of them are solid bullets, which are 45 ACP, but Dante can infuse his demon power into the bullets, thus causing a strong blow to the enemy. Ebony is mainly responsible for long-distance target hitting, while white ivory is mainly responsible for fast shooting. Dante is holding a gun, that is, holding ebony with his left hand and white ivory with his right hand. Under Nil Gordeau Stan’s special design considering Dante’s shooting habits, these two weapons can withstand extremely high shooting speed and continuous fire, and can shoot quickly like submachine guns, thus having great recoil. Dante uses recoil to float continuously.
In addition to the opponent type already installed on the arm, there are three other opponent types, with a total of four pairs, namely relaxed state, clenched fist state, sword holding state and gun holding state.
The platform I have collected is relatively crude, which is a slab-road-style platform. There is also a collection version, which is a monster corpse platform with a larger size, but the size is too large, which is higher than the partition height of my cabinet, so it is included in this basic version.
Human form
Let’s start with a four-way view. You can see that the overall dress completely restores the original game and is also a leather dress with sleeves rolled up.
I think this face is more collapsed … or Dante just woke up. In some ways, I even think the advantages are like Zhu Shimao.
However, fortunately, the face is mostly covered by long hair, so it is generally acceptable.
The details of the leather garment are still good, the texture is clear, and the stitching and stitching are also very detailed.
The gun buckle and belt buckle on the chest are very conspicuous.
The details of the holster were handled very well, and the insertion of the two guns was also very conformable.
Lined with metal wires, the leather garment can be easily put out in a fluttering shape.
Although leather boots are made of plastic, they have good leather texture and engraved lines.
There is a magnet mechanism at the bottom of the blade, which can be directly adsorbed on the back of the doll. This is very good, and it can perfectly restore the classic Dante shape of a large sword with a double gun back.

Play with the pose

The size of the rebel blade is really big ~

Dante is holding a gun, holding ebony in his left hand and white ivory in his right. Under Nil Gordeau Stan’s special design considering Dante’s shooting habits, these two weapons can withstand extremely high shooting speed and continuous fire, and can shoot quickly like submachine guns, thus having great recoil. Dante uses recoil to float continuously.

  • Official authorization, loyalty to the original, high restoration
  • The blade of rebellion has bright spots. Magnets absorb and add metal parts, which make the reduction degree and texture very good.
  • The double gun bag is full of details and not bloated.
  • Spot prices in the early 1000′ s are also reasonable.

  • Face small collapse
  • The thigh joint is a little loose, I don’t know if it is an example.
  • The shoulders of leather clothes restrict certain mobility.

Generally speaking, it is a doll with high cost performance, and it is recommended that fans of this series of games buy it.

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