ar benz AMG 4X4²&AA benz G63 6X6

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Mercedes-Benz G series has always been the dream of many men because of its hale and hearty appearance. Almost Real, a domestic brand of static car models, is commonly referred to as AR in Chinese. After waiting for a long time, the second batch of my AR 4X4² yellow has finally arrived. The quality control is stronger than that of the previous batch. The hard style and tall 4×4 with metal materials can better show the feeling of tough guy.

The first is the front view. It can be seen that the chassis is significantly higher and has a large clearance from the ground.

The side feel is also very grand.

It is good to find that the car window behind AR is black.

AR is a big bit, the rear door hinge is the same as the real car, while AA is just ordinary and not simulated.

Rear side view

The AR top cover is made of plastic and sounds can be recognized by knocking with metal objects.

Chassis is also a major feature with rich details. The only regret I feel is the color of the front and rear bridges. The color separation at the exhaust pipe is still good. Look at the rear suspension part. The outer red is the spring, which simulates the effect. The two black springs beside the rear lower pull rod are mainly responsible for bearing and deformation, which determines the shock absorption stroke.

The following is an interesting setting for AR, that is, the rear wheel axle has a reduction gear and can be linked with a universal joint. Originally AR wanted to make a differential, but it was too troublesome, and many people ignored it and gave up.

AR headlights are still good, very energetic and transparent, with headlight cleaning device beside them. There are also daytime running lights below and turn signals on the top.

This is the headlamp in the lighted state, and it looks more vivid.

Che Gaimei ran logo logo, shot from a distance.

AR’s engine is also rich in details. Various stickers and frozen liquid have also been made. It is an independent engine structure.

Interior decoration can only be said to be unsatisfactory.

Head space is good and vision is good.

Deputy driver, can see the center console, but unfortunately the glove box is not movable.

back row

Rear seat, prismatic texture

Sitting in the back row, the space can be

Inside rear door

I won the lottery this time. I thought I had escaped the handbrake, opened the door automatically, and the hydraulic lever of the front cover fell off. As a result, the trunk was screwed through. . .

Isolation network

The test can hold about 40 cases of draft beer.

The opening angle is very large.

a standard-sized sheet

Double shock-absorbing springs for rear wheels, calipers and disc brake details can be

However, if the rear wheel is pressed to the lowest position, it will hit the rear fender.

The shock absorption stroke is just like this, the amplitude is not as large as AA.

Details of shock absorbers, and auxiliary shock absorbers, piggybacks

The AR quality control is still close, and the glue marks here are still obvious.

Next is the comparison between AA 6X6 and AR 4X4 ~ First, the headlight AR is more transparent and better. In the Mercedes-Benz logo of the China Nets, the inside of AR is hollow, while AA is not, so it can be used as lunch box. In terms of daytime running lights and overhead lights, AR has better details. As for turn signals, AA is slightly higher, AR is slightly flat, and there is no trapezoid with oblique sides. Turn signal of rearview mirror, AR is a separate piece, AA is painted (AA 4X4 has been replaced with a separate piece); The carbon fiber on the outer side of the wheel arch, AR seems to use water transfer printing technology, glossy and fine texture, AA is matte, using pad printing technology; As for wiper blades, AR has more details and more real dimensions. In addition, the two cars are miraculously as high as each other. I haven’t padded the AA spring and it is still strong.

On the side, AR is very careful at the hinge of the car door. It is colored and feels good overall, but AA is not. Carefully observe the inside of AR wheel hub. There is a small raised mark, which reads 4X4, just like the real car (AA 4X4 does not have it);

Compared with the tail, the front said AR rear door hinge is the same as the real car, while AA is just an ordinary hinge, not a simulation. The rear bumper is basically the same, neck and neck. Offset printing can be seen around the tail mark AA, but AR is not. It is very clean. The taillights are both very common, weighing eight pounds and eight ounces. After decoupling AR looks stronger;

Compared with engine details, AR is obviously more. The opening angle of the front cover is slightly larger than AA; There is also a small detail. The three small black blocks at the bottom of the AR hood are hollowed out, while AA does not.

The last is the bottom contrast. The exhaust pipes of the two cars have color separation, but the colors are not the same. I prefer the AA color, which is more realistic. The details of both ends of AA axle are not good, not as good as AR, but the tire tread is deeper and looks better.

Although the quality control of AR Benz 4X4 is poor, the details are still more abundant, and I will give my support. I hope that the future models will do better. Compared with AA 6X6(4×4 has no money to buy AA, which is basically similar to 6×6), the texture of alloy cars is shown, especially G, which is a tough SUV, and the alloy material can show the fearless feeling.

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