Anki Vector AI intelligent family robot

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Front word

A few years ago in the forum to see a name AI Cozmo robot, can play the game, have a little temper, very love.
When visiting a while ago of Mayer, happened to see a black line of goods, with some modifications, a lot of color than the original white Cozmo handsome, Understanding that is Anki's new Vector .

Images from Anki official website


Vector and Cozmo while in shape and structure but completely different is almost as like as two peas, both the positioning of the product, not an old model upgrade.
Simple to say:
  • Cozmo Is a A toy, need to use APP control, built-in interactive games to play with a toy, Cube, head of monochrome display, suitable for ages 8.
  • Ve Ctor is an intelligent robot by voice control (integrated Amazon Alexa voice assistant), Can act autonomously, self charging, you can identify the different face, only a toy head is Cube, color display, suitable for ages 18.
Please look at the official website of detailed comparison:


Vector Following GIF action figure from Anki The official website
Vector can help you do what?
  • Weather: asks Vector for any city weather, he can answer you at the same time, the screen and body will make the corresponding action


  • Set a timer: let Vector not more than 60 minutes timer, time until he can remind you.


  • Photograph: Vector can help you take pictures using the 720p camera on his head
  • Game: Vector can play twenty-one games together with you, of course, he is a banker

Vector know what happened.

  • He can see

Vector using high-definition cameras to observe the world. Using computer vision, he can identify people, see and remember faces, and in the case of things without touching his space navigation.

  • He can listen to

Vector has four microphone array strong, can be used to identify the sources of sound. When you sit beside him when he is ready to accept instructions. If your voice is great, he would like people frightened.

  • He could feel

Vector has a touch sensor and accelerometer, so he knows what it is touching and moving. You can touch him, he will relax, but don't try to shake him.

  • He can think

Vector will be able to run the smart mobile phone processor and cloud connection combine to create a powerful brain. This means that he can deal with his environment, as things start to respond, and connect to the Internet to answer questions and tell you the weather.

  • He can communicate

Vector has a unique sound consisting of hundreds of synthetic voice, can create his own language. When you put a question to Vector, he will use a custom text to speech directly talk with you.

  • He can recharge itself

Vector know what time he lack of electricity. When he needs energy, he will find his charger and charging.

technical parameter


  • Qualcomm SnapDragon SOC main control chip.
  • 2.4G WiFi and Bluetooth communication module. WiFi is used to connect the Bluetooth connection to the cloud; Mobile phone and Cube module.
  • Color LCD Digital Display
  • The built-in loudspeaker
  • The sensor includes

4 MEMS microphone array
Touch sensor
The 4 reflection type infrared detector
The direction of the proximity sensor
Accelerometer and gyroscope
720p camera

  • DC motor and gearbox for ultra quiet

Track drive (forward and backward, and left and right steering)
The head of the swing up and down
The arm swing up and down (the maximum load is Cube, 55g)

Out of the box

AIU transport orders, 20 days of hand, speed is not bad. A large circle, the box is perfect.


The original packaging of the amazon, No choice of transport reinforcement.
Amazon shipping is so simple, a plastic bag packing directly, without any protective padding. We previously have basically direct mail this state.

Remove the plastic bags is Vector own packaging, a colored paper shell on the outside.

The front is a big adorable picture

The side is some application scene photos

The other side is some technical parameters

The bottom surface is some introduction of Vector

The inner box is drawn out, printed on the front of the golden Vector logo.

Open the box, you can see all the things Vector at the top, below is his toy charger and Cube, the two side of the plug in this document.
Internal protection is in place, coating, surface material for the internal support class skin is very soft and will not scratch Vector.

Family portraits Three, set

Charger, USB interface, parameter requirements of 5V, 1A, just a mobile phone charger can not ac voltage incompatibilities, two elastic contact charging Vector through.

Toys CUBE, within the cell, via Bluetooth and Vector online. Now is the top surface of the plastic parts, bright black around there are four color LED.

The six surfaces are printed with different patterns, Vector can identify Cube toward the camera, only to the top surface of the Cube in the wrong direction to lift, Vector can take the initiative over Cube.

The main Vector





The top of the head, a button, a golden touch, three color lights, four mic, and a speaker head.
The bottom surface of some basic information, two charging for large contacts,
PS. Chinese assembly, but not in the Chinese sale.

The maximum angle of lifting arm

You will need to activate the boot, head up, display a URL, download link control software (specific activation process please see the two floor).

The location of the mouth is actually the only camera, 720p resolution, the effect is a bit too horrible to look at.

A Vector photos, you to feel it.

Out of the box.

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