Academy F-4J VF-84/VMFA-232

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Clean up the accumulation and open it again. It is still Amity’s rubber-free parts, F-4J VF-84 and VMFA-232. The situation is basically the same as that of F-18. The rubber-free combination is easy and pleasant to make, and the details are sharp. Both boxes are C – club water stickers, which are cool, and the price of the kit is not expensive, and the direct production effect is very good ~
Still all-water paint was sprayed, black earth was filled for backing, and shadows were prefabricated. The two machines used different shadow coating methods, which seemed not obvious after coloring. The main color was FS36495, and the abdomen was white with FS37875.

Combination degree ★ ★ ★ There is no problem with the combination degree, it is basically smooth, and some positions need reaming.
Pieces★★★★ The parts are reasonable, some extra parts are reduced, and the tolerance is reduced. The same disadvantage as F18 is that the hatch cannot be opened.
DetailsRivet details are quite sharp, bath details are a bit poor, but as the hatch is not open and can’t be seen, the antenna of the vertical tail here is easily broken and the sewing needle is used instead.
AccessoriesC club water stickers, perfect
InstructionsNo problem

Three generations of pirate flags ~ ~

Compared with real-world photos ~ ~

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