Academy F-18 E/F VFA-103/VFA-143

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This time, I brought the Amish F-18E/F with two engines running together. One is the VFA-103 ” Pirate Flag” squadron and the other is the VFA-143 ” Vomiting Dog” squadron. The first time I made love to Amish’s board, it was easy to make. The board was designed without glue, and basically did not use glue. As high as possible, the combination degree was very good, and the fake group was also convenient. As for the restoration of the model, I think there was little problem except for some problems with the air inlet. The shortcomings of the kit lie in the mounting and some details. Generally speaking, it was a model

Combination degree ★ ★ ★ There is no problem with the combination degree, it is basically smooth, and some positions need reaming.
Pieces★★★★ The parts are reasonable, reducing some redundant parts and tolerance. One minor disadvantage is that the hatch cannot be opened.
DetailsRivet details are quite sharp, bath details are a bit poor, but because the hatch is not open, also can’t see
AccessoriesF18E VF-143 squadron gave C club water stickers, which are easy to use by thieves, while VF-103 squadron F18F is its own water stickers, which are not sticky and fragile. Here, a third party Milky Way model water sticker was changed, and the balls were not good either. The missile bag of Changguchuan 35113 was changed.
InstructionsNo problem

Hang 4 tank is very domineering

Since the two did not want to mount the same, they moved AGM-130 and GBU-24 from the F-15E to hang them, without verification

There is no team badge of VF-103, VF-84 will hold it first.

End ~

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