4D XXRAY Batman Model

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I. batman begins

It is said that playing with models is an elegant thing. As usual, we will start with the origin of the models. The prototype of the characters is very familiar to everyone. The most infamous superhero in history.BatmanThe only superpower is Money. For those who are not familiar with Batman, please review Nolan’s ” Batman Dark Knight Trilogy” and pay attention to Nolan’s production.

The main character of this issue is4D MasterBatman model, also called4D XXRAY Batman, perspective modeling is very fashionable, but what is more fashionable is the main creative lineup of this model, which can be said to be a century combination of model games.

To summarize the model in one sentence,” 4D XXRAY series models, which are officially authorized by DC comics, designed jointly by Mighty Jaxx and Jason Freeny, produced and sold by 4D Master.”Is it very difficult to say?

  • DC comicsOfficial authorization from the original Justice League, Batman’s mother.
  • Mighty JaxxArt studio set up by designer o’ jiesheng in Singapore in 2012 has a long-term cooperation with world-renowned artists.
  • Jason Freeny: Designer of Anatomy Series Toys, joined Mighty Jaxx team in 2015, with Xxx Ray series model as the main tool.
  • 4D XXRAYIt belongs to the flagship model of XXRAY series and adds a detachable design on the basis of anatomy.
  • 4D Master: Famous Hong Kong toy manufacturer Fame Master (Yu Feng) registered trademark brand, the delivery room for high-quality creative toys.

As Mighty Jaxx’s signature play model product line, Xxx Ray series has rolled out a total of 61 anatomical models, most of which are limited edition models and have considerable collection value. According to the character prototype breakdown, DC cartoon model occupies 44, other cartoon model only 17.

The main character in this episode belongs to the 4dXXRAY sub-series that is the flagship of xx ray. this series has only issued five products (Batman, clown and flash) in limited quantities. 4D XXRAY batman is the earliest one among them, with the official price of 99 us dollars. However, it is strange that the Batman model, which has been released for nearly two years, does not have a complete unpacking list.

Finally, I will end this chapter with a seller’s show. The so-called 4D XXRAY sub-series is a detachable 3D anatomical model. The whole set of models is made up of 31 parts and is full of magic.

II. The Dark Knight

The next step is to detoxify with miraculous effect.Buyers showTime, follow Kim thinner togetherOut of the boxWell, this time the unpacking guests invited Lego Batman again. Good friends should love each other!

▼ This model is packed in a double-layer carton, which is slightly thin. The outer package is in a gray+black tone, which is commensurate with the identity of the Dark Knight. The front of the box is designed in full symmetry to enhance the contrast before and after dissection.

▼ The front copy is very simple, with the character Batman+main designer Jason Freeny in the middle, and the XXRAY series and capital 4D above. Mm-hmm, there are only five 4D XXRAY products in the world.

▼ The top of the box is a capital DC, which reflects the respect for copyright of the model games. Lego Batman, you should first look at it. After 4D XXRAY Batman jumps out, you will lose your limelight.

▼ The bottom of the box is rich in content. The original work authorizes DC& Warner, the trademark 4D Master, the manufacturer Fame Master, and the place of origin is Hunan, China (namely Chenzhou Yufeng Plastic Products Co., Ltd.).

▼ The back of the box is a model introduction, ABS+PVC material, 9.5 inches tall, hand-painted and can be easily disassembled into 31 parts. Labeling on the lower right corner indicates that the agent in mainland China is a country of intelligence.

▼ After the outer packing was removed, it was scattered all over the floor. The inner packing was a semi-enclosed corrugated cardboard box. I’m really sorry about the identity of the Dark Knight and the price of more than 600 yuan. Considering that the packing box is only a guest appearance, forget it.

▼ The only thing that makes fans restless is this hollowed-out Batman logo, through which you can vaguely see the original statue of the model, a little excited.

▼ Open the lid of the logo. The protagonist of this episode lies propped up in the box. It is estimated that he is still asleep. As there is no shock absorption and filling in the inner package, Batman’s sharp ears have bitten corrugated paper into several pits. This … Forget it. The model is not broken.

After the gloves came off, it was probably the following appearance, a half transparent shell and a pile of organ bones, plus two cards & instructions that were too crude to mention.

▼ Two plastic cards, one black and one white, were introduced by designers Jason Freeny and Batman respectively. Note that the black card has the distribution number of this model (the number is not bad). The official did not disclose the distribution number. Visual inspection shows that 2,000 are always available.

▼ Finally, let’s weigh the weight of the whole model. The shell is 156g, the head is 131g, and the other is 144g, which shows how important the head is!

After unpacking the case, we have come to an end. We will officially enter the anatomy experiment. If you feel unwell, please leave the room without reimbursement of transportation expenses.

Iii. the dark knight risks

First, the specimens were returned to the disassembled state, and 31 parts were put in order. Kim’s leanness was followed by a bloodless one.Reverse anatomy!

▼ The brain consists of left and right parts with a hollow center, which should be commonly known as the brain cavity. The combined brain consists of three organs: pink brain, brown cerebellum and white spinal cord.

▼ The skull consists of four parts, including the whole skull and mandible, which can accommodate the brain when combined. Note that the mandible can be slightly opened. It is a little pity that the eye socket cannot be painted dark and lacks the finishing touch.

▼ The skeleton consists of 11 parts, including vertebra, arm+scapula, palm, hip bone, leg and sole. The combination procedure is also very simple. For the parts that are difficult to distinguish between left and right, there is a dull design at the joint. If they are mixed up, they cannot be inserted.

▼ The skeleton frame is quite lovely. This model follows the style of Q version, so it does not have big long legs. The joints are relatively compact and the skeleton stands firmly. Note that the palm is made of different materials from other bones, soft and elastic, so it is specially painted light green.

▼ Viscera is also composed of seven parts, including trachea, left lung, right lung, heart, liver, stomach and large and small intestine. It is still a familiar anti-idiotic design. First, the trachea and lung are combined.

▼ In the skeleton frame, from bottom to top, the orange+yellow large and small intestine, pink stomach and brown liver are stacked in turn. Then the blue+brown heart is surrounded by the lungs. When the trachea is buckled to the vertebra, all internal organs are skillfully ” fixed” in the skeleton frame and will not fall down.

▼ There are still two parts left in the bone, including clavicle and sternum, which are connected to the skeleton frame through the buckles at their tails. If the internal organs are not placed incorrectly, the sternum and the frame can fit perfectly.

▼ The end of the anatomy is the small cute skeleton that connects the skull with the vertebra. It’s so pleasant to be refined!

▼ Different from ABS material of organ bones, the whole shell is made of PVC material. The shell body consists of positive and negative parts, of which the AB surface is half transparent and the CD surface is non-transparent. Interestingly, BC face is painted deep red, which simulates the rhythm of blood.

▼ Pay attention to the three barbs on the glove. They are not integrally formed, but fixed with glue after being inserted into the D side. Before this model was put on sale, there was a saying that it was ” 37 parts”. It is estimated that these six barbs are the extra ones.

The transparent part of▼ AB surface has general permeability. It is not difficult to see from the surface texture that the left and right sides are completely symmetrical mold opening. This design is questionable. Arguably, the transparent part should weaken the surface treatment, so as to improve the permeability and highlight the internal anatomical structure.

▼ Finally, the skeleton essence was packed into the shell. The two shells could not fit perfectly, and a pair of shoe covers were needed as auxiliary fixing. The shoe covers were marked with DC and 4D XXRAY.

▼ What seems to be the shortcoming after the package is completed? Oh, bat cloak! The fixing method of the cape is very special. First, two convex small cylinders are inserted into the D surface, and then the upper edge of the cape is inserted into the B surface, which is equivalent to auxiliary fixing of the front and back shells.

▼ Unfortunately, the cloak is completely made of PVC. The whole piece of hard plastic has no elegant feeling. The design is a bit inflexible. In fact, mixed materials can be used. The interface+frame part is made of hard PVC, and the rest part is made of Oxford cloth, giving consideration to both dynamic and durability.

▼ The final packaged version is still very atmospheric. Seen from the right side, it used to be Batman’s body, seen from the left side, it used to be Batman’s anatomy, and seen from the front, it used to be half human and half ghost, reflecting the temperament of the dark knight who is both good and evil.

▼ The net weight of the finished product of the model is 432g, which is equivalent to the weight of 2.5 iPhone X in a fashionable analogy. It is heavy in hand.

The reverse anatomy has come to an end. Let’s welcome Lego Batman back to the stage and have a cordial meeting with 4D XXRAY Batman to exchange views.

  • LegoWhich side do you think is the most beautiful of us?
  • 4DOf course it’s the back, it’s dark!
  • LegoWhy are you so much taller than me?
  • 4DBecause I am so much more expensive than you.
  • Lego: Why are you in Q style?
  • 4D: because anatomy is too scary, version q just balances.

The 4D XXRAY Batman model is a famous model. it originates from the greatest superhero IP of this century. it is jointly created by the world-renowned design team and toy manufacturers. through the detachable anatomical design, the mysterious temperament of the dark knight is presented in an alternative way. This model is made up of 31 parts. It is not only a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle, but also a popular science tool for human body. It has the effects of collecting and teasing children. It can be said that teaching is fun.

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