12 kg Henglong 1 / 16 German King Tiger of henschel

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Tank No.6 Type B, commonly known asTiger king!Tank is a heavy tank developed by Germany at the end of World War II. As the successor of Tiger I tank, it inherits the style of heavy armor and has the inclined armor of Leopard tank, weighing up to70 tons, heavier than today’s U.S. M1 main battle tank ( 60 tons ), equipped with a door88mm artillery, and V12 Maibakh HL 230 P30690 horsesA horsepower gasoline engine. Facing its main opponent, Pershing tank or IS-2 tank, Tiger King can penetrate the turret armor of the first two at a distance of 2,000 meters, while the 75 mm anti-tank gun commonly equipped by the allied forces at that time could only penetrate it at almost zero distance. Due to its excellent firepower and protection, the Tiger King tank with limited output is given priority to the most elite defense forces and SS.

As one of the last kings of World War II tanks, it is the wish of many army fans and model enthusiasts to be able to put them into their own collections. Today, I’m going to unpack this oneHenglong1 / 16 Tiger King tank.

Henglong, as an old manufacturer of remote control tanks, can still guarantee the quality of its products. However, the product I bought is not the original product of Henglong, but has been modified. Mainly equipped withMetal rocker armMetal trackAndRoad wheel.

Out of the box:

The package was tightly wrapped in several layers of plastic foam:

The contents are also very large in volume, and it is not easy to take them out, and the weight is also very sufficient, which is almost the same.12 kgWeight:

It is positively introduced that this is a model1/16The2.4G distanceTank control:

The right side briefly describes some functions of the remote controller:

On the left side, we talked about different types of motors and driving methods. My model isEnhanced Edition:

On the back is the external structure of Tiger King and some detailed background information:

Unpacking, behemoth, there is a feeling of still hiding half her face from us behind her guitar:

In addition, there is a detailed description and a brief description:

First look at the body,sidePhoto:

       A straight facePhoto:


       Front of car bodyFeatures:

       Upper part of car body( front side ) andGun barrelFeatures:

       Top of turretFeatures:

       Side of turretAndBody skirtFeatures:

       Upper part of car body( Rear Side ) Feature:

       Car body tailFeatures:

       Front trackFeatures:

       Track sideFeatures:

       Driving wheelFeatures:

       Bearing wheelFeatures:

guide pulleyFeatures:

The front machine gun is movable;

The top of the turret can be opened ( one of which is used to load BBs ):


You can find the switch here:

       Track surfaceFeatures:

Let’s look at accessories, first of all stickers, metal track accessories, decorative ropes and metal machine guns:

One accessory box:

Inside are plate parts, plastic tracks, soldiers, batteries and a large number of BBs:

A remote control:

Smoke oil:

A box of BBs and target paper:

Equipped with tools, praise:
Charger and battery, original looks like 1800 milliamperes, I added7000 milliamperesOf:

I have to say that the volume is really large. In order to be more intuitive, I found one.8cmLongGerman Tank 4Put aside for comparison:

       Tiger king!: youWhat’s the matter, little brother?


Look carefully at all parts of the car body, in fact there are many such small holes for fitting:

Installation is also very convenient. Most of them just need to be inserted into the holes. The workmanship is good. Most of them are quite easy to insert. The compactness is also acceptable:

However, in order to achieve a stronger installation effect, I will not say much.surface sizing:

Take the side of the turret as an example. FirstInstall the support:

The decorative crawler belt is equipped with common ones.Plastic plateAndMetal plate, the two put together contrast:

       Plastic plateThe effect of:

       Metal plateThe effect of:
The comparison is quite obvious, and the whole outfit was changed decisively.Metal plate:
In the setting, the soldier’s earphone was hung around his neck, but I still decided to let him wear it on his head, like beats? Germany’s Three Heroes Become Federal Waste Immediately:

InstalledRight side:

InstalledLeft side:

InstalledRear of car body:


InstalledSkirt armour at rear of car bodyAndTail tool:

       get through

First oneOverall handsome:

In this way, we can move forward with more vigour and vigour.

       sideStill handsome:

       tailThe modelling is very satisfactory:

       Rear of car bodyThere are many parts:

       Front of car bodyIt is relatively simple:

       Metal barrelLong and domineering:

Starting from below, the battery is equipped withAlarm, low power will remind:

Open the battery cover and use the screwdriver. My own is a little small.

I have to say, the large capacity battery is a little big, or the battery compartment is a little small, I very not easy to plug in, or highlight, had to ” thin” the battery cover:

When the switch is turned on, a small light flashes in front of the car, but the car does not start at this time:

Press one of the remote controlsLock key, car body start, and send outrollThe sound effects of, twogas ventStart popping upWhite smoke:

It is no problem to move forward and backward naturally. You can also make the common ones in tank exhibitions.In situLeft or rightRotation,turretcanAloneAboutTurn to:

       Gun barrelcanRiseAnddecline:

At the same time canLaunch bb bombs, open the top of the turret cover loading ammunition:

Try to hit a few rounds, the enemy armored vehicles have been destroyed:

This year, can’tRollingSeveral cars, all embarrassed to call themselves tanks:


This is not the largest model I have collected, but it isThe heaviestA modified version of the tank was adoptedLots of metal partsIt makes the whole body not only structurally restore the original Tiger King tank, but also restore its weight … The heavy feeling held in hand is not given by the general tank model. Of course, I will not do this everyday, after all, it is too big.

Overall bodyPaintingIt is very excellent, and the panels are also painted, which is highly praised and saves a lot of trouble for players. Of course, people with ambition can disassemble the panels or even the car body.Secondary spraying.

       remote controlThe performance is very good, the whole movable parts are very many, and there are alsoacousto-opticAndSmoke effectAt first glance it seems to be true. At the same time, the power of the whole car is good, thanks to the two wide metal tracks, which allow Tiger King to cross the seemingly impossible obstacles.


1. The car body is of excellent workmanship and shape and has a high degree of reduction;
2. Excellent painting and strong creativity;
3. The power is good and the refitting space is large;
4. The special effects are rich, and the switch can be selected, which is convenient for the players to have various requirements.


1. The hole site fineness of some plate parts and metal tracks needs to be improved; ‘
2. The battery compartment is too small to fit into a large battery.
3. The remote controller is of ordinary workmanship.

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