1 / 80 day tour hall all copper 9600 Hokkaido heavy equipment steam engine train 79615 machine appreciation

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Tianshang Hall, as an old shop that set up a model department after Japan’s war to contract copper cars for Americans, is still quite skilled in technology. The workmanship can be regarded as a benchmark in the industry. Japan Tonghao once took off the paint of Tianshang Hall’s copper car and prepared to repaint it. He also sincerely appreciated its workmanship. On the premise of fairly neat workmanship, the amount of tin used in each part is very small, but it can reach a very firm level. The production of copper cars cannot be mass-produced in an assembly line yet. They are all assembled and welded manually by skilled workers, so it is reasonable to expect high prices.

Riya’s 170,000 yen photograph showed that the product looks just like it was, but I still have to thank the former owner for his care and preservation and the customs for not killing me ( I received a small tax, but fortunately it was not destroyed by unpacking ). The car is not much in stock in the world, and it is even more difficult to find a good product.

First look at the package, the silver box and the gold label, and the ID card of the Tianshang copper car. But it is also too expensive to break eggs. It should be called an egg breaking hall.

After unpacking, it is the instruction book.

Let’s look at the accessories first: some water stickers with small marks, area name boards, cylinder sound triggering electricity pick-up plates of SL – 1 audio system that makes model trains sound in the simulation era, coal particles, speaker fixing frame of SL – 1 audio system, rotary fire powder recovery device on chimney, a cleaning rod that passes through furnace and a small shovel.

Open, foam is placed in fragile areas to prevent deformation of components during transportation.


Photographs from all angles show that the piping is faithful to the real car. Many trivial details are complete and accurate. For example, the rainwater interception tank in the cab and the window brows on the left and right sides of the side windows are also different lengths of the real car. There are also some stringing attention boards that are also expressed in the form of etched sheets. What is more admirable is that the charcoal – adding board in front of the coal tanker is made of iron plates like the real car. Because most of Hokkaido’s coal wagons are made of wood and car bodies, only the front of 79615 is made of iron and car bodies. This 2001 copper car has not been fooled in this respect. The mold was opened separately to make this detail. However, the plastic version of the same model produced by Tianshang Hall in 2008 has to be fooled a lot. All kinds of details that cannot withstand verification. If you are a verification party like me, then this conscience car can be said to be in hand and has nothing else to ask for ( of course, this is a 1 / 80 scale model, so don’t worry because the scale limit is too small to show.

In addition, Tianshang Hall produced 79616 and 79618 copper cars in ” 9600 Heavy Equipped Four – day Dogs” in 1996, but the detailed expression is far less than that of the 79615 car produced in 2001. It seems that Tianshang Hall is also the last copper 9600 made since 2001, and it began to make plastic cars indiscriminately in 2008.


In the cab, there is nothing to be picky about if 1 / 80 has this level. If you buy your own kit to weld a copper car, plus third-party tonic parts to reach this level of detail, I’m afraid it’s not much cheaper than this finished car. Moreover, many 9600 – type tonic parts have been out of stock for a long time ( I have nothing to do but stare at the information of these tonic parts on Riya and IMON ). Besides, some unique features of the 79615 cab are not embodied by third-party supplements ( unless you make your own parts ), but this copper car also shows them.

Head chassis, nameplate of Tianshang Hall Japan, power gear box of second moving wheel, SL – 1 audio system of third moving wheel trigger contact wheel. The switch at the joint with the coal tanker is to switch the headlights. The brake linkage also showed signs.

The chassis of the coal water truck uses two brass top beads to press the wheel rim for power supply. There is a switch for the taillight driving lamp in front, and the brake link and the rear obstacle eliminator are not missing.

Try connecting the headlights and taillights

There is only one instruction book. The front text explains the exploded view on the back.

The controller is a DIY earth cannon with output percentage display and 12V lithium power supply ( rechargeable ) bought on Taobao several years ago. As an analog controller, I personally think it is much easier to use than the finished product.
Not only can the output percentage of electric power be visually seen, but also many inconvenient cable obstacles can be reduced by using lithium electricity for power supply. Parts include PWM motor controller with digital display, 12V lithium battery and positive and negative switches. And the aluminum alloy shell is subjected to wire cutting and opening processing. The train model can be controlled by directly connecting to the track ( digital trains cannot )

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