1/700 HMS Penelope Corvette if 1945

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The landing of another satellite by Fly Hawk, a well-known ship model manufacturer in China, is of the same class as Dawn Goddess and Chongqing. However, as an HMS party, it is still very happy to see another addition to the HMS camp. I started the deluxe edition in the first place and finished it in the fastest time.
The light cruisers of the Royal Navy in World War II still followed the more traditional design ideas, and had no obvious advantages in firepower or air defense, but the layout and ship type well preserved the concise and elegant style. In order to highlight this elegant aesthetic feeling of the royal navy hull, I did not use the original white-base brown-red stripe camouflage, but applied a four-color camouflage painting style commonly used by the royal navy at the end of world war ii, and took this opportunity to try out the more complicated camouflage color separation technique on a small scale. In order to further enrich the look and feel, some basic aging techniques of the chariot model were also used to age the hull to a certain extent. This time, the waterscape was made in an anchored state. Due to the use of a less commonly used gel, there were obvious flaws in the hull joint. In order to avoid the whole being too inflexible, a walrus seaplane that is taking off and a 9m traffic boat that is preparing to dock are added to the composition, and a more vivid atmosphere is created by the combination of movement and movement as much as possible.
The following figure is completed above:

Then there was the photo with the legion and the ID photo.

Here are some process diagrams:
Due to the problem of over-thickness of finished wood decks under the proportion of 700, and the mold opening of Yingxiang’s deck lines is relatively meticulous, spraying+hand painting color separation is adopted, camouflage painting is applied in turn from light to deep according to the convention, paint is smeared off, and then different enamel paints are used to depict the effects of stains, color difference, rust flow, etc. In the aspect of reconstruction, only the etching plates and metal gun tubes matched with the deluxe edition are used for construction according to the drawings, and will not be repeated here.

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