1/700 HMS Legion Destroyer Imagined Painting in 1945

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It’s been more than a year since no new posts have been posted. Due to the adjustment of work, although many pits have been opened in the past year, there are really no finished works. After a round of tossing and turning, I have probably defined the direction of what I want to make next, and the various combat vessels of the Royal Navy is an important theme in this direction. HMS Legion  G74, one of the Class L destroyers of the British Royal Navy in World War II, was built by Hawthorn Leslie & Company in Newcastle on November 1, 1938. It was launched on December 26, 1939, formally served on December 19, 1940, and sank on March 26, 1942.
The original intention of making this destroyer is to restore the hand feeling of making a small proportion of ship models on the one hand, and to further try the making techniques of waterscape on the other hand. Therefore, the new Yingxiang model, which is easy to make, was chosen as the theme. There is not much to explain in the specific production, which basically belongs to open-box direct production. Yingxiang Deluxe Edition’s legion provided the main gun metal barrel and the detail etching piece, coupled with the first-class mold opening level of the kit itself, the whole manufacturing process was very smooth. The choice of painting is divorced from historical facts. In the history, the army corps was sunk in 1942. I think the painting of history is too monotonous, so a royal navy-style camouflage pattern in the latter part of the war was created. The navy waterscape has been adjusted to some extent in terms of color tone and shape in combination with the previous experience in making the duke of iron. however, it still feels that it is still a long way from the desired effect and will continue to explore in the subsequent production. after the phased progress has been made, it will be shared with you in detail here.
The following figure is above:


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Due to the short production period, there are not many photos in the process. Please forgive me:

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