1/35 Snow Coating of German No.3 L Tank in World War II

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In 1935 Hitler ordered the development of a new 15-ton tank. Researchers converted a new type of armored vehicle into a tank after equipping it with two MG34 machine guns and 37mm or 50mm guns. Guderian equipped the newly formed armored division with a large number of tanks of this type, which laid the foundation for future German tanks and played an important role in the history of tank development. Tank No.3 was the main assault tank in the German Blitzkrieg at the beginning of the war, accompanying the German conquest of France. However, with the birth of stronger allied tanks such as the T-34, the production of tank No.3 was also announced.

In March 1942, the German military considered installing the turret of tank 4 on the chassis of tank 3. Worries have led to a sharp increase in car weight. This idea was abandoned. As a result, the number III tanks produced one after another still use 50 mm guns with a diameter of 60 times. At first, the German army planned to purchase 1,100 number III tanks L-type, but then 447 number III tanks L-type changed into number III tanks N-type after replacing them with short 75 mm guns, so the total number of L-type production was 653.

I. process

The plates are made of 1/35 of Tian Gong’s plates, which are not changed directly.

The chassis is ready, put on the wheels and have a look.

Car body finished

Complete vehicle production

Spraying county red water to replenish soil (toxic, need to be done outdoors, dry for about 12 hours)
Note: In real history, German tank primer was red.

Spray German Grey Background (Tian Gong German Grey+White Toner, about 4: 1)

German grey finished, posted. Then come a layer of county gloss protective paint. Dry thoroughly for about 12 hours.
Apply a layer of water and slightly remove the paint.

Spray white topcoat, then dip cotton stick in water to wipe off the part to produce paint removal effect.
The cotton swab effect was a bit stiff, so a thin layer of white was applied.

Horsepower oil paint, yellow, brown, white, dots. Then ZIPPO fire engine oil is wiped.

The last step is to apply natural soil. Spring micro track rust, metal, soil, ablation 4 colors.

Second, fixed makeup photos

III. Details

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