1 \ 35 German Tiger Heavy Tanks in Late World War II ( Tiger Painting )

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Tiger heavy tank ( german: panzerkampfwagen tiger ausfü hrunge ( SD. kfz.181 ), Chinese: tiger tank / tiger I tank / tank no 6 ) was a heavy tank used by german troops in world war ii. From his service in the second half of 1942 until Germany surrendered in 1945, he has been active in the front line of the battlefield. The tiger itself weighs 56 tons. Although it uses a 12 – cylinder Maibakh engine with a power of 700 horsepower, its excessive weight makes its horsepower – to – weight ratio only 12.8 horsepower per ton, thus its off-road performance is poor and it is easy to fall into passivity when fighting on the complex terrain of the Soviet – German battlefield. In addition, too much weight leads to higher failure rate and complicated maintenance.
Without further ado, we started the production process:
The plates are 1: 35 plates newly introduced by trumpeter at the beginning of 2018, with good overall combination degree and two states of anti-magnetic and non – anti – magnetic.
The instructions are black and white, and the painting example is color printing.
The main plate provides normal condition and attached antimagnetic
Small parts such as gun shield provide normal and antimagnetic states.
The combination degree of car body and PE is good. There is no need to spend extra money to buy it.
The turret part is bonded.
The main parts of the car body have been glued together ( there is a small mistake here, the fender can be installed first without delaying the installation of wheels and tracks ).
German chariots have a red background, so they use the red water of the county to fill the soil.
Spraying outdoors.
When waiting for the body water to fill the soil and dry, start making tracks.
Tracks are spliced with slip joint glue, and it is most convenient to splice them in four parts.
When waiting for the track to solidify, give the car body a yellow background color. Tian Gong XF matte water paint, dark yellow and white, about 5: 1 ratio was selected.
The primer dries out in about two hours and is covered with polymer clay.
Spray brown ( reddish brown plus white plus black approximately 5: 1: 1 )
After removing polymer clay, he was basically satisfied.
Install crawler belt, water paste, spray county extinction protective paint. Leave outdoors to air for more than 12 hours.
Make it old and sponge off the paint. Wash with stains and apply natural soil.
The comparison between the early tiger style of Tian Gong and the late tiger style of trumpeter was made last year.
Next, enter the fixed makeup photo.
Some details
All right, everybody, give me some advice ~

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